DOTY-2001 Fuligin Ged Tycho, HC, V, CGC, CDX, AX, AXJ, RE, NAP, NJP

September 19, 1995 - August 31, 2009.

See photos of Tycho.

On August 31, 2009, we made the difficult decision and had Tycho put to sleep.

On October 6, 2007, Tycho finished his baker's dozenth title (lucky #13!) at the Mount Vernon DTC Rally Trial, under judge Nancy Withers.

He will be known henceforth as “His Excellency”, because he is a most excellent pup.

CDCA Dog of the Year Fuligin Ged Tycho, Companion Dog EXCELLENT, Rally EXCELLENT, Agility EXCELLENT, Agility Jumpers with Weaves EXCELLENT (and a couple agility novice preferred titles -- but he prefers to be known as his excellency).

All bow before him and hail His Excellency!!!

Tycho earned his RE at 12 years old, with scores of 92, 100, and 96.

Third time is the charm. He really really really is retired now.

September 2007: Tycho broke out of retirement yet again, in honor of his twelfth birthday. He earned his first Rally Excellent (RE) leg on September 5th 2007, at the Canaan Dog Club of America National Specialty, under judge Richard Strong (score 92). At the Hyattsville Dog Training Club Rally Trial (September 22, 2007), he earned a second RE leg with a score of 100 (judge Maryann Mullen). He is looking to get his third RE leg, at which time he will be known as “His Excellency”.

April 22, 2006: Tycho came out of retirement to finish his Novice agility preferred standard (NAP) and jumpers (NJP) titles today, which was nice, as he was the only Canaan Dog entered. All his preferred legs were earned at last year's and this year's CDCA agility trials, which makes these titles extra special! His morning run in jumpers was gorgeous and fast (13 seconds under course time getting him a first place). He was faster than all but one of the dogs in the regular, as well as preferred classes. However, by the afternoon age was beginning to creep up on him and slowed him down, but not enough that he didn't finish his standard preferred title with a first place as well!

October 9, 2005: Tycho finished his Rally Advanced (RA) title today, with a score of 97 and a big fourth place rosette! There were about thirty dogs in the class, including a fair number of OTCh and UDX dogs. It was at my club's trial (Capitol Dog Training Club) down in Alexandria, VA.

Tycho earned his Rally Novice (RN) title with scores of 100 points (a perfect score and second place in a class with 164 dogs) at the Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club Trial on March 26, 2005, 99 points at the Upport Marlboro Kennel Club Trial on March 27, 2005, and 98 points at the Mattaponi Kennel Club Trial on May 21, 2005.

He earned his first qualifying score (97 points) towards the Rally Advanced (RA) title at the Hyattsville Dog Training Club Trial on September 25, 2005.

March 26, 2005: Tycho and I tried our first official Rally run today, at the Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club trial. There were 183 dogs entered in the Rally Novice B class! (That's the one you enter if you or your dog have earned obedience titles.) To my surprise, after our run I found out we earned a perfect score (100). But with 183 dogs competing, there were a good 20-30 dogs with perfect scores. Although I was tempted to bail and go home, John convinced me to stay at the trial, because there was a chance I may have placed. So I waited an extra three hours, while they finished the class.

It was quite a scene, when they called the qualifiers into the ring (almost everyone qualified! It was quite the mob). I was excited when they called out the fourth place dog .... no luck. excited and worred when they called out the third place dog. No luck. Oh well, I figured, Green Q ribbons are always good! Second place dog ... there was a pause, the judge couldn't read the number so she just called out “The Canaan Dog!”

I couldn't have been more shocked. A Border Collie got first place by a few tenths of a second, I think (I wasn't really paying attention at that point). My 9 year old Canaan Dog had just beat 182 other dogs in his first Rally trial! Many of them dogs with OTCh, UDX, etc.!

Tycho is the Number One Canaan Dog in the Front & Finish 2003 Excellent A Standard Agility Ratings for Canaan Dogs for 2003.

I love these things!

September 14, 2004: I've discovered a great way to keep Tycho well exercised. It's called the bird feeder.

Now, Tycho ignored birds. But squirrels are another matter entirely.

We put up a bird feeder. It is hanging from a 50 foot rope from a big tree in the back yard. The neighborhood squirrels quickly found it and decided we were the nicest people in town, giving them such yummy food. (This after they wiped out my tomato crop.)

About the time the squirrels found the feeder, Tycho found the squirrel-lure (aka, the "bird" feeder). The only down-side of this was after a few days, the squirrels figured out to avoid the dog, instead of leaping to the ground and racing to the tree, dog leaping after them hot on their tail, they would just climb back up the rope, out of reach.

This, I felt, was unfair. Thus, enter the squirrel baffle.

Now the makers of the squirrel baffle guaranteed protection from squirels getting to the feeder. yes it did stop them. For about 10 minutes. but the REAL advanatage of the baffle is that they CANNOT go back up the rope. They MUST jump to the ground and race to the tree, followed by the dog, who has launched off the deck and is racing afer them at top speed, growling.

So this seems really good. Except one thing. John told me that it only took the dog a day to figure out that all he has to do now is stand up and the squirrels race to the tree ... And I'm not going to mention that hole the dog is wearing in the lawn where he lands from leaping down the stairs from the deck and launches towards the bird feeder ... details details details ...

But on the good side, today alone I have seen a cardinal, chickadees, and a nuthatch actually feeding on the bird feeder. And Tycho has been enjoying himself immensely. If he is in good shape at the specialty, you'll have the neighborhood squirrels to thank for it.

Tycho earned his first Utility Obedience leg! It was his second time in the Utility A ring. It was Saturday, September 18, 2004 at the Southern Maryland Dog Training Club obedience trial. His qualifying score was 187 -- just half a point from fourth place!! And this was no "default" fourth place -- there were 7 qualifiers out of a class of 30!

He made it look easy and fun! The judge was incredbly nice, as were the stewards. Having a really nice judge helps because it helps my nerves and makes Tycho happier too.

Lets see -- the point breakdown. There are 6 exercises:

And with that near-to-impossible second directed jumping, he earned our FIRST UD leg!!!!

Yes he got LOTS of treats!! And he got lots of loving from various people who had been watching him, and admired his style and happiness in the ring. And I got to walk home with a green ribbon!! Well, actually I limped home because I sprained my ankle yesterday, so I almost didn't go today! Boy am I glad we did!

Tycho was bred by Donna Dodson. His mom is CDCA CH Pleasant Hill Mimi and his dad is CDCA/AKC CH. Pleasant Hill Jordan ROMX. A few of his multitalented siblings are Goldie CD (his litter sister), CH. Tovah CD, ROM (working on her CDX, right Cathi???), and CH. Buzz OA OAJ (working on his AX and AXJ).

Tycho is the Number One Canaan Dog in the First & Foremost rating system for Obedience for 2001 and 2002.

Tycho finished his Excellent Standard (AX) agility title on Saturday, October 18, 2003, at the Mattaponi Kennel Club Agility Trial, with a First Place, sweeping past the other 20 entrants in his class in style! (Tycho is shown sporadically and trained infrequently in Agility.)

On another note: Various people have, at various moments, bemoaned the tendency of their canaan dog to invent their own agility course. I have never had this problem. My problem (grandly displayed today in the Excellent B jumpers ring) is the tendency for ME to invent a new course. The dog flew through it beautifully! Alas, it bore precious little resemblance to the judges' course...

It was also a very fun trial as there were three Canaan Dogs running in it! Isabel and Lada L were there, and Lada picked up another double Q and class placements in Excellent B.

I (Jennie) would like to give a big thanks to Alan Gersman, who hand-delivered our trial entry at 6:00 AM a few months back on the day the trial opened so we could get into the trial!

Tycho loves agility and is currently training for obedience at the Utility level. He is still training his owners to walk him, which they often do, but not as often as he might wish. He also trains his owners to fill his "Kong" toy with a biscuit and hide it in the house, so he can track it down and quickly work the biscuits out. That doesn't happen as often as he might wish, either. No biscuits for his owners.

On Saturday, October 4, 2003, Tycho earned his second Excellent Standard agility leg, with a third place in a big class (more than 25 dogs) on a very hard course. His run was clean and fast and perfect - he made it look easy. And he made me look good (that's always nice!). One more leg and he'll have an AX to match his AXJ. Not bad for the "old man"! For this I stood in the cold and rain for several hours while he napped in the nice comfortable van. Let me just say it was well worth it!!!!

On Saturday, February 1, 2003, at the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Baltimore All Breed Agility Trial, Tycho got his third leg in Excellent A Jumpers with Weaves, with a perfect clean run, earning his AXJ! He is the third Canaan Dog to earn an excellent title - the other two are owned and trained by Alan Gersman.

Tycho also had a perfect clean run in Excellent A Standard, but was two seconds over time (it was a noisy indoor hall and months since we'd really practiced much or gone to a trial). Only one other dog had a clean run in his standard class - that dog qualified and got first!.

Tycho, now a veteran, parading his titles (7 yr.)
photo by Mark Silva, handled by John Relph

Tycho was voted the Canaan Dog Club of America's 2001 Dog of the Year!

Seven years ago we told Donna Dodson that we wanted a Canaan Dog to train and compete in obedience and agility. Bet she hears that a lot.

At the Sir Francis Drake agility trials, Tycho earned his second leg towards his AXJ (Excellent Jumpers) on Saturday, September 14, 2002, with a first place. On Sunday, September 15, he earned his first AX (Excellent Standard) leg with a second place, 100 points, and his fastest time yet in Excellent!

Tycho earned his first qualifying score in Excellent Agility on June 30, qualifying in Excellent A Jumpers with Weaves at the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Northern California Trial.

Tycho finished his Open Jumpers title on May 18 at the Norcal Golden Retriever Club Agility Trial!! He finished each Open Agility title in three straight shows!

Tycho finishing his OAJ (6.5 yr.)

Tycho qualified in both Open Standard and Open Jumpers with Weaves at the Redwood Belgian Tervuren Fanciers trial on Saturday, April 13, 2002, and also earned a fourth place rosette for his Standard run. This was his first time in the open jumpers ring! With 3 times in the open standard agility ring, he qualified each time and placed twice! He is now competing in the Excellent A class in Standard! He also qualified in Open Jumpers with Weaves on Sunday, April 14 (his second time in the open jumpers ring). One leg to go...

Tycho was chosen as ICDCA Canaan Dog of The Quarter for Second Quarter 2002.

Tycho finishing his OA! (6.5 yr.)

Tycho competed in the Mount Diablo DTC agility trials on Sunday, March 3, 2002, double qualifying and placing in both Standard and Jumpers, finishing his NAJ and earning his second leg towards his OA! All this in spite of me!

Tycho finished his CDX on Sunday, February 17, 2002, qualifying at both the morning San Mateo DTC and afternoon San Francisco DTC trials (the first time the AKC has allowed two obedience trials in one day). He earned a 178 in the morning in Open A under Mrs. Laura Delfino and a 189.5 in Open A under Ms. Judith Myers, to finish his title in style! With this title, he is now qualified for the CDCA's Versatility award! February 2002 has been a good month for Tycho!

Tycho practicing Agility (5.5 yr.)

Tycho earned his first qualifying run in Open Standard Agility, at the Santa Clara Agility Trial on Sunday, February 9, 2002, on his first try!

Tycho earned his first leg towards his CDX on Sunday, January 21, 2001, in the Santa Clara Dog Training Club trial, under judge Mrs. Rosalie Alvarez. Tycho's score was 185.5 (very respectable indeed) and he got a big round of applause from the audience. He also caused a lot of controversy amongst the spectators: "He's a border collie!" "No!! He's a Canaan Dog!". Tycho was one of 10 qualifiers in a class of 35.

Tycho finished his Novice Standard Agility title with a double qualifying score at the Del Valle Dog Club shows in Pleasanton, on October 21, 2001. He was in the ribbons for each of his legs (and his handler was responsible for his not being First Place every time). He says agility is a lot more entertaining than obedience (though he makes obedience pretty entertaining too - at least for the spectators and most of the judges!).

Tycho earned First place in Rally Obedience I, Napa Valley Dog Training Club, June 30, 2001 (score 192). Tycho thought the Rally Obedience was bonus because his mom talked to him the whole time so he hardly even knew he was "working". Tycho especially likes obedience because the judges and stewards are always so nice, and he can visit with them while mom does the heeling pattern, then he gets to do the fun stuff (jumping and getting his dumbbell!!!).

Canaan Dog Obedience Haiku

Hark! My owner calls.
She does Obedience. But Me?
I am a Canaan.

I have trained her well.
See how nicely she heels alone,
while I scan for danger.

Humiliation? Thy
name is canaan. But I will
work perfectly at home.

Sit stay in the heat Down stay in the heat
Tycho, Esprit (Ha'Aretz Yod Esprit de Corps, CGC, CD, HC), and Wolf (U-CDX, AKC Ch. Ze'ev Midbar, AKC-CGC, CD, HI, NA, NAJ; CDCA-HS, V(X); AHBA HTDI-s, HRDII-s; ASCA-STDs; TDI) sit- and down-stay in the heat of the
2000 CDCA National Specialty.

Tycho earned his third leg in Novice (A) obedience on Saturday, January 15, 2000, at the Skyline Dog Fanciers of San Mateo County trial, completing his CD!! He missed placing because he cavorted, caracoled, and did play bows through the first half of the off-lead heeling. He finally figured out that mom wasn't having as much fun and settled down. And he was a little bit worried at the end of the down stays, after the judge told us we qualified and mom collapsed on the floor, hugging him and crying, but some earnest dog kisses quickly fixed that problem. Tycho earned his second leg towards his CD on Saturday, February 27, 1999, at the San Mateo Dog Training Club Obedience Trial in San Francisco, California. Tycho earned the first leg towards his CD on Sunday, November 15, 1998, at an AKC All-Breed show in Tucson, Arizona. His qualifying scores were respectable: 185.5, 189.5, and 189.5, respectively.

Tycho urges all his fellow canaan dogs to try obedience! Its fun! You'll get LOTS of treats! You'll go places! You'll humiliate your owner!! You'll get your owner to REALLY appreciate it when you DO decide to perform in public as well as you both know you can!

Tycho earned the Best Puppy and Best of Puppy Sweepstakes awards in the Western States Canaan Dog Club Specialty Show, held in Napa, California, on June 21, 1996 (he also earned a cute dog bed and a couple of pieces of china). On June 23, 1996, Tycho earned his CDCA-HC title, passing his first herding instinct test, with flying colors (and running sheep).

Breeder: Pleasant Hill Canaan Dogs
Owners: Dr. Jennie Larkin and John Relph
Members of the Canaan Dog Club of America and the Capital Dog Training Club of Washington, D.C.

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