Originally named “Tyler”, we thought that it sounded too much like “Tycho”. As “Tyler” was also nicknamed “Tippicanoe and Tyler too”, I decided that he should be called “Tippy”, or “Tip”, for short. And so it is.
January 7, 2020:
It's official: Tip's PACH and PAX certificates arrived in the mail today! And did I mention he qualified for the National Agility Championship for a second year in a row! Go little old dog!
July 27, 2013:
Qs all around for Bo and Tip in T2B and standard!
July 21, 2013:
Paul has practiced agility with Tip 4 times. (ever!) Today Paul and Tip went into the AKC Time to Beat (T2B) ring together for their first time at a trial and put in a perfect run. (second fastest in his class!)
July 20, 2013:
Two fabulous jumpers runs. Tip was clean and goth 4th place!!!! Bo was perfect and demon fast, but his handler sent him over the wrong jump 4 from the end. Oops. Wouldve been 20 points out of the one jumpers run alone!
July 19, 2013:
Tip got another leg towards his MXJ and Bo had two gorgeous runs, and a start line stay in jumpers ...
November 11, 2012:
How was Tip's weekend? 4 runs, 4 Qs, four first places, two titles, and a Q his first time in the Excellent Jumpers Ring! (even if I did run the course like Blair Kelly!)
October 27, 2012:
Q in Open JWW! NQ in Open standard, but he ran very nicely!
October 21, 2012:
Tip earned another title today at the Mattaponi KC agility trial: NAJ with first place and clean run. Then he topped off the weekend by Qing his first time in the open standard ring with a ... clean run and first place!
September 23, 2012:
Yes indeed, Tip earned his CD in 3 straight shows! I even got some sits during heeling today
December 2011:
Sunday December 4th, Tip earned his Beginner Novice title (BN) in three straight shots. Now if only we can get him to sit while heeling, he will be hard to beat!
October 2010:
On Sunday, Oct. 17th at the Maryland Kennel Club Dog Show, Tip finished his breed championship from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class. Needing only 3 single points to finish his championship, he was awarded Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed for a 4 point major! He and his breeder, Suzanne Hannon, showed beautifully in the Toy Group ring that afternoon. Best of all, he got to come home that evening!

Tip earned three points as a puppy, then took a year or so off. We decided a couple of months ago that he wanted to go back to the breed ring when he started approaching every person he met and stacking himself and showing off to them how beautiful he was. He would get a bit ticked off at people that ignored him! How dare they?!?!? I told his co-owners (Suzanne Hannon and Colleen Kirby) that Tip wanted to go into the breed ring and they kindly agreed to show him. He finished his breed championship in two weekends, with three major wins over very large and competitive entries.
August 2010:
Tip took back-to-back majors (5 points and 4 points) by earning Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the Three Rivers Papillon Club supported-entry shows in Canfield, Ohio, on August 7-8, 2010. He now has 12 points towards his championship, and is pleased as punch that so many people concede his superiority over all other life forms.
May 2010:
For Mother's Day, Tip finished his NJP title at the Oriole DTC trial with a first place and a blistering run that was 20 seconds under SCT (standard course time). He was the second fastest novice dog, of any size, in the class. On to Open!
April 2010:
Tip earned his first Novice Jumpers Preferred Q in his agility debut on Saturday January 30, 2010, in the teeth of a major snow storm. He earned his second Q on April 11, 2010, at the Capital DTC trial in Westminster, his second time in the ring. So far he's batting 1000 and bringing home only blue ribbons, too!
April 2009:
Tip and Jennie debuted in the "amateur-owner-handler" class at the Wilmington Kennel Club show (Saturday April 25th), and Tip managed to win Reserve Winners dog to a major. Not bad for a first time out!
January 2009:
We entered Tip in the Metropolitan Area Papillon Club's B Match on Sunday January 4th, just to see how he did in the show ring. Tip showed us! He came home with the "Best Puppy in Show" Rosette and a big new dog bed! He had that "I'll show myself, just hand me the winning ribbons" attitude that we are used to seeing in his two brothers.

And lest anyone forget, Tycho did the same thing: winning his puppy sweepstakes and earning a huge rosette and a lovely dog bed when he was young!
#\#a href="" target="churl"#/#Colleen of Miracol Papillons shows Tyler#\#/a#/#

Colleen of Miracol Papillons shows Tyler
Tip and Helgi

Tip and Helgi
Tip and a ball

Tip and a ball
#\#a href="" target="churl"#/#Tip wins the Best Puppy at the MAP match#\#/a#/#

Tip wins the Best Puppy at the MAP match
Tip and his NJP First Place ribbon

Tip and his NJP First Place ribbon
Tip Jumping

Tip Jumping
Tip finishing his breed championship in the Bred-by-Exhibitor classs

Tip finishing his breed championship in the Bred-by-Exhibitor classs

Go home! Good dog.

John Relph