John Relph
John Relph: “Challenge Hornpipe” (2.4MB MP3)
An original tune written in response to a challenge from the Co-Mando list. Recorded on Tascam 4-track cassette in the basement, 2004.
John Relph: “Going Places” (1.2MB MP3)
Courtesy of Jon Sievert, recorded live to minidisc on January 6, 2002, lovely reverb courtesy Arthur Stern's art studio, half-and-half mandolin courtesy Will Kimble.
Blues'd & Confused: “Buckdancer's Choice” (1.4MB MP3)
Recorded live in the South Bay. From the album Hip Eponymous. Order yours today. (8KB abc)
Transcriptions of a few traditional-style tunes in abc format, including a couple composed by my sister Linda Relph, an accomplished celtic-style fiddler.

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