Other Resources

Want to see some photos of NCCDF Canaan Dogs? You can see  Mad River Canaan Dogs and Tycho's web page (though he now lives on the east coast but he's still an honorary NCCDF Canaan Dog).

There are many web sites that can tell you more about Canaan Dogs. Here is a short list to provide a starting point for your search. These sites all have "links" pages that will direct you to the ever-increasing number of Canaan Dog web pages. The NCCDF does not necessarily endorse any of these web pages, the associated organizations, or the information they provide (i.e., surf at your own risk).

The Canaan Dog Around the World: This site provides photos of many Canaan Dogs from around the world, information about the breed, many links to web pages and clubs around the world, and a section on the FCI breed standard explained.

Shaar Hagai Canaan Dogs: One of the main breeders from Israel, Myrna Shiboleth provides pages documenting the recent domestication of several wild-born dogs, and provides information about the breed and photos. 

The Canaan Dog Club of America: The AKC parent club for the breed, lots of information, photos, and various club programs.

The Israel Canaan Dog Club of America: The UKC parent club for the breed, more information and photos.

Want to find out more or ask questions about the breed? Go to the Canaan Dog Mailing List, Canaani-L.

Wondering about Canaan Dog Breed Rescue? Go check out the Canaan Dog Rescue Network.

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