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News and Information

Girlfriend is the inspiration for a play by the same name written by Todd Almond. The world premiere will be April 9, 2010, directed by Les Waters for Berekeley Repertory Theatre, Berkeley, California.

A working title for Sunshine Lies was Rock Bottom.

Guitar Hero II, a PlayStation game with a controller that somewhat resembles a real guitar, features “Girlfriend” as one of its songs.

An interview with Matthew Sweet is featured in the book Behind The Muse: Pop and Rock's Greatest Songwriters Talk About Their Work and Inspiration by Bill DeMain. The book features interviews with over 40 successful and respected songwriters (including Brian Wilson, Andy Partridge, Suzanne Vega, Aimee Mann, Todd Rundgren, Nick Lowe, Neil Finn, and others).

Matthew Sweet and Jeffrey Foskett were originally slated to perform “Telephone Line” on the Lynne Me Your Ears: A Tribute to Jeff Lynne compilation. Apparently these plans fell through (Jeffrey Foskett performs the song sans Matthew Sweet).

Matthew Sweet is credited with ‘Psychedelic Band Sequences’ in the movie Austin Powers as part of the band Ming Tea. The band appears briefly in transitional scenes, as well as in the video for “BBC”.

Matthew Sweet was chosen to be one of the judges for the 1996 Musician Magazine Best Unsigned Band Competition.

Matthew Sweet sang on the “Always Coca-Cola” commercial in 1995.

The video for “Where You Get Love” was directed by Andy Fleming (The Craft). Cameron Crowe worked on a treatment for a video of “The Ugly Truth”.

Promotional videos have been filmed for the following songs:

Save Time For Me1986
I've Been Waiting1991
The Ugly Truth1993
Ugly Truth Rock1993
Time Capsule (titled b&w)1993
Time Capsule (untitled color)1993
Sick of Myself1995
We're the Same1995
Come to California1997
Where You Get Love1997
The Thorns: I Can't Remember2003

In April/May 1995 Girlfriend went gold (over 500,000 served).

Matthew Sweet chose the following manga as his favorites in the liner notes of 100% Fun: Akira, Dirty Pair, Lum, Cobra, Outlanders, Crying Freeman, Bubblegum Crisis, Ranma 1/2, Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind, Caravan Kidd.

Snapdragon perform a song called “Matthew Sweet” on their album Drinking Watermelon Sugar (CD US 1995.06.13 Pound PDR-1019).

Bowling For Soup covers “Sick of Myself” on their album Bowling for Soup Goes to the Movies (CD 2005.11.15 US Jive ?). Milton Mapes covers “Your Sweet Voice” on the Sweetheart: Our Favorite Artists Sing Their Favorite Love Songs compilation (CD 2005.01.19 US Starbucks Hear Music ?). Saint Etienne recorded a cover of “Are We Gonna Be Alright” which was released on their Built On Sand (Rarities: 1994-1999) fan club collection (CD 1999.12 UK Mantra MNSTET1). Matthew Sweet co-writes the song “Worst Enemy” on the Velvet Crush single of the same name (C5 1999 US ?). Ric Menck covers the Matthew Sweet song “Are We Gonna Be Alright” on his album The Ballad of Ric Menck (CD 1998 US Summershine SHINE-US16). Springfields cover the Matthew Sweet song “Are We Gonna Be Alright” on their single Sunflower (7"? US Sarah 10). Velvet Crush cover the Matthew Sweet song “Something's Gotta Give” on their album Teenage Symphonies to God. Matthew Sweet arranged and co-wrote the music to “Everything's Different Now” with Jules Shear, who wrote the words, from the album of the same name by 'Til Tuesday (CD 1988 US Epic/CBS 0 7464-44041-4-0). Chris Cacavas and Junkyard Love cover “Someone to Pull The Trigger” on their album Dwarf Star (CD 1995 DE Return To Sender R T S 14), which also includes Robert Lloyd on mandolin.

Matthew Sweet ‘produced’ the 1991 Velvet Crush album In the Presence of Greatness (CD UK Creation CRECD 109), featuring Ric Menck and Paul Chastain, sometime-members of Matthew Sweet's touring band, actually some demos recorded at his house. Matthew Sweet also co-produced the Velvet Crush Ash & Earth EP (7"? US Bus Stop 011). Ric Menck and Paul Chastain were also responsible for The Briar Rose EP (12" 1988 UK Subway 20T) and the High EP (12" 1988 UK Subway 23T) by Choo Choo Train, released together on CD as Briar High (CD 1995? UK Suborg 15 CD), featuring two songs penned by Matthew Sweet, “Briar Rose” and “My Best Friend”. In fact, Matthew Sweet's involvement with the Velvet Crush has been such that it is difficult to determine which releases feature him and which don't. You're on your own.

In order to use the Tuesday Weld cover photo, Matthew Sweet agreed to change the title of his album from its originally planned Nothing Lasts to its released title of Girlfriend.

On Jan. 1, 1992, the ‘Modern Rock’ station KITS San Francisco (Live-105) broadcast its list of the ‘Top 105.3 of 1991.’ Matthew Sweet's “I've Been Waiting” reached number 105. The 1991 Village Voice Pazz & Jop Critics' Poll listed Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend album as the seventh best of 1991. The USENET Top 100 of 1992 Poll listed Girlfriend as the 31st best of 1992.

In the spring of 1987 Matthew Sweet toured as bass player for The Golden Palominos.

Matthew Sweet sang with the Community Trolls (along with Michael Stipe of R.E.M.). A single was released but did not include the songs featuring Matthew Sweet. Some Community Trolls songs are available on R.E.M. bootleg recordings. During an R.E.M. set in 1983, Community Trolls did four songs: “Tainted Obligations”, “Pale Blue Eyes” (Velvet Underground), “6 Stock Answers for 74,000 Questions”, and “Your Roof, My Roof”. The songs were probably co-written by Matthew Sweet and Michael Stipe. “Tainted Obligations” was intended for an 1986 compilation called Don't Shoot, but it was rejected, so it didn't appear.

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b/i     back insert     p/b     paperboard      w/s     widescreen

Album:  full album release, in one or more of the formats below:
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  CD    Compact (digital) disc (std. j/b unless otherwise indicated)
  CT    (Mini-) Cassette tape
  8T    8-track tape (obsolete)
  RT    Reel-to-reel tape
  DC    Digital Compact Cassette tape
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  C5    5" (12 cm) CD single (s/l j/b unless otherwise indicated)
  CS    (Mini-) Cassette single (p/b p/s unless otherwise indicated)
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  WMA   Windows Media Audio
  Pub   A publication: a book, songbook, pamphlet, magazine, etc.

  Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4   Calendar quarters: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.
  Radio Show    A release specially recorded for radio airplay.
  Interview     An interview transcription disc.
  Collection    A collection of tracks by this artist, usually previously
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  Compilation   A compilation of tracks by various artists.
  Soundtrack    Soundtrack to a film or play released in Album format.
  Box Set       Box set of previously released and/or unreleased material.
  Songbook      Book of words and music.
  Bootleg       Unauthorized release of previously unreleased material
                consisting of concert recordings, studio outtakes, and
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  Counterfeit   Unauthorized copy of an officially released album.

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