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Stan Ridgway Discography: Collaborations with Other Artists

        Only information for tracks featuring Stan Ridgway is included,
        unless otherwise indicated.

Pietra Wexstun and Hecate's Angels
West of Eden
(for Eden Ahbez)

2018 February
        Pietra Wexstun (VCs, Keyboards, Electronics)
        Stan Ridgway (Guitar, chants)
        Bruce Zelesnik (Drums, Percussion, chants)
        Bill Blatt (Bass)
        Jeffrey Grennan (Flute)
        Lazlo Vickers (Cello)

    DD: 2018.02.25  US A440 (Bandcamp) 2368067230
          3'29  West Of Eden
          2'33  Silence

Stan Ridgway & Pietra Wexstun
Thank You Folks
A Free Album Download

2017 November
        Recorded in various places, various peoples. Studios and rehearsals.
        Some ready. Some ruff. Covers and Originals.

    DD: 2017.11.20  A440 (Bandcamp) 841379524
          4'59  Goin' Up To Chicago
          4'17  Moonshiner
          3'05  Walking On The Moon
          3'52  Sail Away
          4'24  Is That All There Is?
          7'15  Ode To Billie Joe
          4'02  Tears Of Rage
          2'44  Green Grass Of Home
          3'56  Femme Fatale
          3'36  Always

Pietra Wextun and Hecate's Angels
Hidden Frequency
(for Hedy Lamarr)

2017 September
        Pietra Wexstun (vocals, keyboards, electronics)
        Stan Ridgway (guitar)
        Bruce Zelesnik (drums, percussion)
        Bill Blatt (bass)
        Jeffrey Grennan (flute)
        Lazlo Vickers (cello)

    DD: 2017.09.24  US A440 (Bandcamp) 2298248504
          5'48  Hidden Frequency (for Hedy Lamarr)
          3'50  Eve's Angle

Stan Ridgway & Pietra Wexstun
Music for Film #1
Goldentone Studios
New Directions in Sound

2017 July
        Stan Ridgway (guitars, vocals)
        Pietra Wexstun (keyboards, electronics)
        Bruce Zelesnik (drum, percussion)
        Laslo Vickers (strings)
        Bill Blatt (bass)

    DD: 2017.07.13  US Goldentone / A440 (Bandcamp) 2255552208
          4'02  Ridgway: Putin's Plan
          4'09  Wexstun: Blue Oceans At Dusk
          3'14  Wexstun: A Solem Sanctuary
          4'53  Ridgway / Wexstun / Zelesnik: Anxious Asteroids
          1'20  Ridgway: Return To Planet X
          3'20  Ridgway: Sasquatch Hunt
          1'11  Ridgway: Lost In The Maze
          1'25  Ridgway / Wexstun: Detective Work
          1'22  Ridgway: Pool Of What
          4'12  Ridgway / Wexstun / Zelesnik: Rabbit Hole
          2'31  Ridgway: History and Myth
          3'46  Ridgway: Dark Blue Midnight
          2'36  Ridgway / Wexstun: Cup Of Moonshine
          1'35  Ridgway / Wexstun: Pagan Rituals
          6'04  Ridgway: Rebel King

Stan Ridgway & Friends
We Cats Cover
Songs We Like, Vol. 1

2017 June
        Collected from the studio, rehearsals, live on stage, or just
        goofin' around somewhere over the years.

        Stan Ridgway: guitar, harmonica and vcs
        Pietra Wexstun: keys, vcs, electronics
        Bruce Zelesnik: drums
        Mud Flap: bass
        and others ...

    DD: 2017.06.16  US A440 (Bandcamp) 2697985129 (MP3/FLAC)
          3'19  Crawlin' King Snake (John Lee Hooker)
          3'52  Sail Away (Randy Newman)
          4'00  Femme Fatale (Pietra sings VU)
          3'17  John Hardy (Folk Song Trad.)
          3'49  The Dolphins (Fred Neil)
          2'12  Busted (Ray Charles)
          4'17  Moonshiner (Folk Song Trad.)
          2'35  Yesterday Is Here (Tom Waits)
          4'24  Is That All There Is? (Peggy Lee)
          4'00  Tears Of Rage (Bob Dylan)
          3'40  Pack Up Your Sorrows (Richard & Mimi Farina)
          4'41  The Times We've Known (Charles Aznavour)

Stan Ridgway & Pietra Wexstun
Priestess Of The Promised Land

2016 August
        Stan Ridgway (acoustic guitar, vocals)
        Pietra Wexstun (keyboards, vocals)

    DD: 2016.08.24  US A440 (Bandcamp) 3615404144 (MP3/FLAC)
    CD: 2017.08     US A440 191061788713
          4'42  Priestess Of The Promised Land
          4'09  Blue Oceans At Dusk (New Music For Film)
          5'17  Slippin' Sideways (Drywall)
          3'43  Pirates (Remix From All That Glitters)
          2'48  Nightworld (New Music For Film)
          4'42  She's Wearing You Down
          3'38  Talk Hard (From Pump Up The Volume: The Motion Picture
                        Live Concert Recording)
          3'41  Half Way There (Alternate Mix From Neon Mirage)
          4'52  All For Love
          8'34  Kurt Weill - Bertold Brecht Tribute (NYC Symphony Space -
                        Live Recording)
          2'57  Error In Judgment (New Music For Film)
          5'32  Boozehole (New Year's Eve Tiki Ranch Mystery Tapes /
                        Field Recording)

Stan Ridgway & Pietra Wexstun
Summer Collection 2016

2016 August
    DD: 2016.08.20  US A440 (Bandcamp) 1752623691 (MP3/FLAC)
          4'48  Stan Ridgway: Mr. Trouble
          4'46  Pietra Wexstun: More Fun Than Anything
          3'41  Stan Ridgway: The Drowning Man
          4'39  Stan Ridgway: All Too Much
          4'41  Stan Ridgway: Across The Border
          4'17  Stan Ridgway: Gone Deep Underground
          3'40  Stan Ridgway: We Never Close
          4'03  Your Welcome Mat
          4'13  Stan Ridgway: Anything For You
          6'12  Stan Ridgway: Over My Shoulder Somewhere
          4'56  Pietra Wexstun: Cobbeled Streets Of Rome
          4'16  Deportee (Folk Song Cover)

Pietra Wextun & Hecate's Angels
All That Glitters

2013 April
        Pietra Wexstun (vocals, keyboards, piano, organ, melodica, hammer
                dulcimer, Theremin, effects)
        Stan Ridgway (guitar, effects)
        Rick King (guitar)
        Bruce Zelesnik (drums, percussion, effects)
        Bill Blatt (bass)
        Cornelius Bascombe Quartet (strings)
        “Maestro” Enrico Deiro (accordion)
        Jeffrey Grennan (flute)
        Kate McGonigle (fiddle)
        Miguel Soares (guitar)
        Lazlo Vickers (violin)

    CD: 2013.04.11  US A440 884501890434?
          3'42  Take It Away
          3'30  Pirates
          4'17  All That Glitters
          4'47  Cobbled Streets of Rome
          6'17  Dragging Me Down
          3'17  When the Boys Come Out to Play
          4'53  She Done Him Right (Mae West Sutra)
          3'55  Lonesome Stranger
          3'25  Love Bossa
          4'38  More Fun Than Anything
          6'13  My Dinner With Michio

Stan Ridgway & Pietra Wexstun
2 Songs About Rome

2012 March
        Stan Ridgway (guitar, vocals)
        Pietra Wexstun (keyboards, electronics, vocals)
        Bruce Zelesnik (drums, percussion, backing vocals)
        Giorgio Baldi (strange traffic guitars)
        Enrico Deiro (accordion)
        Lazlo Vickers (violin)

    DD: 2012.03.05  UA A440 885767414808 (MP3)
          3'31  Traffic in Rome
          4'50  Cobbled Streets of Rome

Hecate's Angels
Take It Away

2011 March
    DD: 2011.03.02  US A440 885767555402 (MP3)
          3'43  Take It Away

Stan Ridgway & Pietra Wextun
Silly Songs For Kids
Volume One

2008 October
    CD: 2008.10.09? US a440/Stan Ridgway 634479907746
                Bring It in the House
                Sing Along Song
                Spider's Web
                Mountain Top
                Jackie's Pixie Garden
                Mr. Moonman

    CD: 2009.05.20? US A440 724101210921 (expanded edition)
                Bring It On in the House
                Spider's Web
                The Sing Along Song
                Root Beer Pond
                Wondered What'd It Be Like
                Mountain Top
                Jackie's Pixie Garden
                Mr. Moon Man
                Baby Ro-ro's Owl Ride
                Kooky's Cuckoo Clock
                Feelin' So Lazy
                Ice Cream Octopus
                Leprechaun Cave of Candy
                Tale of the Sea Witch
                High On a Mountain
                Bye Bye

Barbecue Babylon
15 choice cuts for your BBQ Party

2005 August
        Stan Ridgway (vcs, guitars, harmonica, wood flutes, strum sick,
                kabob mandolin, angry meat, flopsweat and attitude)
        Pietra Wexstun (vcs, keyboards, accordion, autoharp, farfisa, juno,
                moog, theremin, marinade & incantations, shape shifter 251)
        Rick King (vcs, guitars, bass, freeway fuzz, cub of string, slide
                snake, winecooler & tri-tips, hardware advice)

    CD: 2005.08.09  US disinfo?
    DD: 2005.08.08  US redFLY (Apple iTunes) 79205867 (AAC)
    CD: 2006.01.10  US redFLY ?
                Goin' On Down To The BBQ
                Fortune Cookies
                Somewhere In The Dark
                Abandon Ship
                Buried The Pope
                In Total Focus
                The AARP Is After Me
                That Big Weird Thing
                Robbers & Bandits, Bastards & Thieves
                Rain On Down
                The Alibi Room
                Wargasm 2005
                Bold Marauder
                Land Of Spook
                Something's Gonna Blow

Hecate's Angels
Saints and Scoundrels

2004 April
        Pietra Wexstun (vocals, electric piano, echo swish organ, mellotron,
                Juno 106)
        Bill Blatt (bass, background vocals)
        Larry McMurtrey (pedal steel)
        Stan Ridgway (guitar, harmonica, background vocals)
        Elmo Smith (drums, percussion)
        Lazlo Vickers (brass)
        Rick King (electric guitar)

    CD: 2004.04.12  US redFLY ?
                Way With Words
                Femme Fatale
                Half Moon Cafe
                The Innocents
                Moon Maid's Lament
                Shrink-Wrapped Soul
                Appalachian Raga

Skip Heller
Fake Book

2004 February
        Stan Ridgway (vocal, harmonica)

    CD: 2004.02.24  US Hyena (Sin-Drome) TMF 9318
                The Man in Me (featuring Stan Ridgway) {Dylan}

Stan Ridgway / Pietra Wexstun
Miniature Paintings of Sorrow and Fear

2003 September
        Musical Score by by Stan Ridgway and Pietra Wexstun.
        Artwork and design by Mark Ryden.

        Stan Ridgway (6 & 12 string guitars, harmonica, prophet 5,
        Pietra Wexstun (piano, organ, juno 106, mellotron, moog, autoharp,
                voices, tape manipulations)
        Lazslo Vickers (cello, violin, contra bass)
        Alvin Fike (brass, reeds)

    CD: 2003.09.22  US Porterhouse Fine Art Editions PO21 (ltd. ed. of
                        7,500, three-panel fold-out die-cut "temple" p/s)
    CD: 2007.02.18  US A440 634479155451 (ltd. ed. of 1,000, j/b, lobby card)
    CD: 2011.10.10  US A440 634479155451 (ltd. ed. of 500)
    DD: 2016.08.19  US A440 4279949838 (MP3/FLAC)
                Baptism of Jajo
                Lincoln's Head
                Manus Christi
                The Cloven Bunny
                Night Visit
                Blood Suite in Four Movements

Frank Black and The Catholics
Show Me Your Tears

2003 September
        Stan Ridgway (banjo, harmonica, percussion, vocals, melodica,
                producer, photography, cover photo)

    CD: 2003.09.09  US SpinArt SPART #129

Frank Black and the Catholics
Devil's Workshop

2002 August
        Stan Ridgway (additional keyboards)

    CD: 2002.08.20  US Spin Art SPART 112

Stan Ridgway & Drywall
The Drywall Video CD
Collector's Edition

        Includes LIVE CONCERT and the “DRYWALL INCIDENT” short.

   VCD: 2002        US dis-information ? (ltd. ed. of 25)
   VCD: 2003?       US dis-information ? (reissue, ltd. ed. of 100)
                Navigation Menu
                The Drywall Incident
                Drywall LIVE! at the Alligator Lounge
                Bel Air Blues video

Ray Campi Quartet
Train Rhythm Blue

1998 January
        Stan Ridgway (rhythm guitar, harmonica)

    CD: 1998.01.13  US Rounder/Mouthpiece 6018?
                Luther Played Guitar {Ridgway}
                Don't Forget the Train {Blackie Farrell}

Hecate's Angels
Eve's Angle

    C5: 1996        AU TWA TWAS108 (no p/s, promo?)
          3'49  Eve's Angle
          4'43  Hall of Mirrors
          5'37  Seduction of the Minotaur

Hecate's Angels
Hidden Persuader

        Stan Ridgway (harmonica, banjo)

    CD: 1996        US Birdcage BCD-008
    CD: 1996        AU TWA TWAD109
          1'52  Oracle
          3'49  Eve's Angle
          4'44  Hidden Persuader
          2'17  Purdah Party
          4'43  Hall of Mirrors
          5'37  Seduction of the Minotaur
          2'28  Fence
          1'55  Comatose Dose
          2'03  Rosemary's Baby
          3'31  Pleasure and Pain
          5'38  Somnium Waltz

The Drywall Incident

1995 July?
   VHS: 1995.07?    US Drywall Dis-info [no c/n]
         15'    The Drywall Incident
                Bel Air Blues

Work the Dumb Oracle
The first in a Trilogy of Apocalyptic Documents

1995 March
        Stan Ridgway (vocals, guitar, theater organ, panic button)
        Pietra Wexstun (keyboards, vocals, ouija board data)
        Ivan Knight (drums, percussion, surfboard)

    CD: 1995.03.21  US I.R.S. 7423 8 28715 21
    CD: 1995.03     US I.R.S. 74238 28715 21 (promo, sticker, warning on CD)
    CD: 1995.02?    US I.R.S. DPRO-10799 (advance promo, clear j/b, no p/s)
          2'08  Back Towards Diamond Bar
          5'16  Police Call
          3'33  New Blue Mercedes
          4'49  Bel Air Blues
          2'10  Hell in a Handbasket
          4'57  Highway Song
          5'27  Mr. Smith
          5'24  Time Wave Zero
          2'30  Old Bent Coin
          2'44  My Exclusive Sex Club
          2'53  Triangle Head
          7'08  Big American Problem

Police Call

    C5: 1995        US I.R.S. DPRO-10804 (promo, std. j/b, no p/s)
          5'16  Police Call

Rumble Fish
feature film
   CLV: 1994        US MCA (Universal) ? (ISBN 0-7832-0846-4) (letterbox)
   VHS: 1997.10.14  US Universal ?
   DVD: 1998.09.08  US Universal 20389 (ISBN 0-7832-2847-3)
                Stewart Copeland Stanard Ridgway: Don't Box Me In

The Fibonaccis
The Best of The Fibonaccis 1981-1987

        Stan Ridgway (harmonica)

    CD: 1992        US Restless 7-72725-2
          3'17  Old Mean Ed Gein

Roger McGuinn
Back From Rio

        Stanard Ridgway (voices)

    CD: 1990        US Arista (BMG) 7822 8648 4?
    CT: 1991        US Arista (BMG) AC 8648

The Fibonaccis
Civilization and Its Discotheques

        Stan Ridgway (harmonica)

    LP: 1987        US Blue Yonder 0112
          3'17  Old Mean Ed Gein

Stewart Copeland Stanard Ridgway
Don't Box Me In

1984 January
        Stanard Ridgway (vocals, keyboards and harmonicas on [1])
        Stewart Copeland (all else)

    7": 1984.01     UK A&M AM 177
    7": 1984        NL A&M AMS 9757
    7": 1984?       US A&M AM-2604
    7": 1984?       IT A&M AMS 9571
                Don't Box Me In                                    [1]
                Drama at home

   12": 1983        US A&M SP-17260 (promo, EP, s/s, same both sides)
    7": 1983        US A&M ? (promo, s/s, same both sides)
          4'10  Don't Box Me In (edit)

Stuart Copeland
Rumble Fish
Original motion picture soundtrack

1983 October
        Stan Ridgway (vocals, harmonicas, keyboards)

    LP: 1983.10     US A&M SP-6-4983
    LP: 1983        AU A&M (Festival) L-38141
    LP: 1984.01     UK A&M AMLX 64983
    CD: 1992.07     US A&M AM4983? (7502 4983 2) (reissue)
          4'40  Stewart Copeland Stanard Ridgway: Don't Box Me In

         Rusty James
        Same as Rumble Fish, but different cover and title.

    LP: 1984.01     NL A&M AMLH 20153
    LP: 1984.01?    FR A&M AMLH 20153
                Stewart Copeland Stanard Ridgway: Don't Box Me In

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