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Martin Newell Discography: Rumoured Releases and Future Projects

        Unverified and future releases featuring Martin Newell.

Martin Newell
Star Cafe

        Lo Fi Musical.

    CD: 2018?       US Captured Tracks ?
    DD: 2018?       US Captured Tracks ?

Martin Newell
The Golden Afternoon

live album
2004 Autumn?
        Recorded live 14th June 2003, Colchester Arts Centre.

        Martin Newell (piano, guitar, mandolin, lead vocals)
        Peter 'Nelson' Nice (upright bass, mandolin, bongos, backing vocals)
        Graham Andrew (guitars, backing vocals and Beach Boy style harmonies)
        Paul Rutterford (guitars, shakers, backing vocals and Beach Boy
                style harmonies)

        15 tracks made the cut.

    CD: 2004.Q4?    DE Jarmusic ?
   DVD: 2004?       UK ?
                Julie Profumo
                Clarendon Lane
                Sugar Cane
                The Wicked Witch
                Drowning Butterflies
                The World Strikes One
                Straight To You Boy
                Victoria Grey
                A Woman & Some Whiskey
                Pinball {Brian Protheroe}
                The Golden Afternoon
                Wake Up & Smell the Offy
                Rosebay Railway
                Grenadine and Blue
                My Lost Weekend
                Better Than Anything
                You Made It Rain
                The Ghost Parade
                Walk Away {Mat Monro}
                Before The Hurricane
                Home Counties Boy
                Miss Van Houtens' Coffee Shop
                When We Were A Thing
                Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others {Smiths}
                Christmas In Suburbia
                The Green Gold Girl Of The Summer
                The Beer Elves

Songs of Martin Newell + David Yazbek
with Andy Partridge

    CD: 2000        DE Jarmusic ? (tin box)
                Drowning Butterflies (revised by Dave Gregory)
                Goodbye Dreaming Fields (acoustic vocal mix)

Off White Promo
        Poetry and three rough mixes of tracks from The Off White Album.

    CT: 1996        UK Wasteland ?

Reynard the Fox
        Compiled by Martin Christgau.

   LP?: 1986?       UK?
                Martin Newell: Prince of the Winter

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