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Martin Newell Discography: Collaborations with Other Artists

        Only information for tracks featuring Martin Newell is included.

François Ribac et Eva Schwabe
Into the Green

2017 November
        Includes most of the tracks from the opera Petit traité POP du
        jardin botanique.

        Martin Newell (some of the lyrics)

    CD: 2017.11.15  FR GAZUL GA 8873
    DD: 2017.11.15  FR GAZUL (Bandcamp) 3216646395
          6'04  The Life and Death of a Plant Hunter {Ribac/Newell}
          4'14  Greencore {Ribac/Newell}
          4'25  All Around the Garden {Ribac/Blake/Newell}
          5'00  To the Fade {Ribac/Newell/Schwabe}

Richard Shelton
An Englishman in Love in L.A.
Promo Edition

    DD: 2014        UK Gumroad ?
                Over Like the Roses {Newell}

Neo City

2010 September
        Michael Natkansk (drums)
        Martin Newell (vocals)
        Carl Symanski (bass)
        John Fitzsimons (guitar)

    LP: 2010.09.15  IT Rave Up EGS02LP (ltd. ed. of 500)
          Side A:
                Long Gone
                Lost In Crowd
                Space Boy
          Side B:
                Neo City
                The Only Way To Go
                Phil The Cleaner

Richard Shelton
Top Cat

2006 February
        Martin Newell writes five songs.

    CD: 2006.02.06  UK Sands SANDSCD1
                Grenadine and Blue {Newell}
                Rosebay Railway {Newell}
                A Knight In Tarnished Armour {Newell}
                My Lost Weekend {Newell}
                Autumn In Soho Square {Newell}

Ere's Your Xmas
Punk Aid

2003 December
        To benefit the charity Punk Aid.

    C5: 2003.12.08  UK Step Forward SF-XMAS1
                Ere's Your Xmas {Newell/Sensible}

François Ribac
Another Way
featuring Martin Newell

        Three extracts from the pop opera Qui est Fou? composed and
        arranged by François Ribac.

        Martin Newell (all voices and "englishman consultant")

    CD: 2002        FR Gazul GA8654.AR
          3'28  On commence
          5'23  Dead can sing
          6'27  The last song

Gypsy Dee
The Legendary Gypp Studio Sessions

2001 June?
        Tracks 1-8 recorded somewhere in England during a later period of
        the 2nd millenium.  Tracks 9-13 recorded live in Gütersloh, Germany,
        Sept. 7th 1996.

    CD: 2001.06?    DE Jarmusic JAR-044 (tin box)
                Airship {Rudd/Davies}
                Sad Boyz {Newell/Rudd}
                Shoe Box {Phillips}
                Walking Finger {Peppercorn/Davies}
                Lady Godiva {Peppercorn}
                Starz Ain't Burning {Newell}
                Headlights {Phillips}
                Solaris {GYPP}
                Best Suit {Phillips}
                Boots and Trousers {Phillips}
                Greek Title {Newell/Peppercorn}
                Marigoldz {Newell}
                Eliza {Phillips}

Reunion Concert

2000 May
        Recorded live at the 20th Anniversary Reunion concert in Gütersloh,
        Germany, Sunday, September 8th, 1996.

        Martin Newell (lead vocals)
        Jock Davies (lead vocals)
        Tony Phillips (bass, vocals)
        Ian Peppercorn (guitar)
        Brian Rudd (keyboards)
        John Butters (drums)

    CD: 2000.05     DE Jarmusic JAR040 (ltd. ed. of 300, tinbox)
    CD: 2000.05     DE Jarmusic JAR040 (ltd. ed. of 100, tinbox, signed
          5'00  Cream Diesel {Newell/Peppercorn}
          5'16  Voodoo {Newell/Peppercorn}
          4'52  Starz Ain't Burning {Newell}
          2'50  Waitress Alert {Newell}
          3'23  Lady Godiva {Peppercorn}
          3'47  Lie, Lie, Lie {Phillips}
          3'22  Americans {Phillips}
          7'28  Street Girl {Newell/Peppercorn}
          3'56  Sad Boyz {Newell/Rudd}
          5'26  Titania {Newell}
          3'00  Headlights {Phillips}
          3'37  Heart Like a Slum {Newell/Peppercorn}
          1'16  Piggies {Fab Four/arr. Gypp}
          2'26  Pregnant Pause {Gypp}
          5'05  Moonman {Newell}
          4'33  Slumming Again {Newell/Peppercorn}
          7'04  Airship {Rudd/Davies}

The Universe of Captain Sensible
        Five tracks from A Slice of... Captain Sensible

    CD: 1998        DE Jarmusic JAR-025 (tin box, teabag, union jack, photo)
                The Toys Take Over {Sensible/Newell}
                Holiday In My Heart {Sensible/Newell}

Captain Sensible
Sensible Lifestyles
The Best of Captain Sensible

        Martin Newell (backing vocals on [1])

    CD: 1997        US Cleopatra CLP 0041-2
                Revolution Now {Burns/Newell}
                The Kamikaze Millionaire {Sensible/Newell}         [1]
                A Sporting Life {Burns/Newell}
                Street of Shame                                    [1]

Captain Sensible
A Slice of... Captain Sensible

1996 October?
        Martin Newell (backing vocals on [1])

    CD: 1996.10.28? UK Humbug (New Millenium) BAH 30
                Holiday in My Heart {Sensible/Newell}
                The Toys Take Over {Sensible/Newell}
                Miss Van Houten's Coffee Shoppe {Newell}           [1]
                The Kamikaze Millionaire {Sensible/Newell}         [1]
                Plastic Arcade {Sensible/Newell}

  LPx2: 1997.11     DE Jarmusic JAR 019-LP/019-12 (ltd. ed. of 666)
          [as above plus bonus track:]
                A Sporting Life {Sensible/Newell}

Captain Sensible
Flip Top World

1995 November?
        This track is exactly the same as Martin's version, with The Captain
        singing lead vocals.

        Martin Newell (backing vocals)

    C5: 1995.11?    UK Humbug HUM 7
    C5: 1996        UK New Millenium ?
                Miss Van Houten's Coffee Shoppe

Captain Sensible

1995 September
        Martin Newell (2nd guitar on [1])

  CDx2: 1995.09.04  UK Humbug BAH 14
  CDx2: 1995        JP Midi MDCP-4042/3
  CDx2: 1999.04.12  UK Cherry Red CDMRED 160
  CDx2: 1999.11.30  US? Anagram (Cherry Red) CDMRED 160?
         15'58  Business Trip to Saturn                            [1]
          8'16  Plastic Arcade {Sensible/Newell}

Captain Sensible
The Universe of Geoffrey Brown

1993 April?
        Produced by Captain Sensible, all music arranged and performed by
        Captain Sensible, drama sequences scripted by Martin Newell.

        Martin Newell (backing vocals on [1])

    CD: 1993.04?    UK Humbug BAH 4
    CT: 1993.04?    UK Humbug BAH MC4
    CD: 1994?       US Collectors Pipeline (Humbug) TCP 009
          4'58  Holiday in My Heart
          1'51  [drama sequence 1]
          6'57  Come On Geoffrey Brown
          0'22  [drama sequence 2]
          2'00  Getting to Me
          1'47  [drama sequence 3]
          3'55  Street of Shame                                    [1]
          4'22  Geoff Loosens his Tie
          1'25  [drama sequence 4]
          4'16  Home
          1'48  Govt. Dirty Tricks Dept. WC 1
          4'01  Life Up In The Stars
          1'46  [drama sequence 5]
          3'20  The Message
          2'39  A Trip to Cornwall
          0'42  [drama sequence 6]
          4'51  The Universe of Geoffrey Brown                     [1]

Roddy Ashworth
Side Effect City

        Martin Newell (backing vocals)

    LP: 1993?       UK DIY ? (ltd. ed. of 1,000)
                Moving Slow

Captain Sensible
Revolution Now

1989 July
        Martin Newell (backing vocals on [1])

  LPx2: 1989.07     UK Deltic DELP LP 4
    CD: 1989.07?    UK Deltic DELT CD4
    CD: 1993        UK Humbug BAH 3 (reissue)
    CD: 1995        US Griffin GCD-426-2 (reissue)
          3'45  The Toys Take Over {Burns/Newell}
          4'50  Green Light {Burns/Newell}
          5'10  Revolution Now {Burns/Newell}
          3'48  Phone-In {Burns/Newell}
          6'57  The Kamikaze Millionaire {Burns/Newell}            [1]

Captain Sensible
The Toys Take Over

1989 June
    7": 1989.06     UK Deltic DELT 1
                The Toys Take Over {Burns/Newell}
                A Sporting Life {Burns/Newell}

Captain Sensible
Revolution Now

1987 July
    7": 1987.07     UK A&M AM 395
                Revolution Now {Burns/Newell}
                The Coward Of Treason Cove {Burns/Badowski/Burns}

   12": 1987.07     UK A&M AMY 395
          5'43  Revolution Now {Burns/Newell} (extended version)
         14'18  The Coward Of Treason Cove {Burns/Badowski/Burns}

Aurora Beaurealis

1984 October
        Produced and engineered by Martin Newell.

   CT?: 1984.10     UK Falling A ?

The Yaah! EP

        Martin Newell (lead vocals)

    7": 1978        UK Acorn AC1066/CF283
                Sister Darling

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