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This document is a discography (and partial bibliography) of:

        Martin Newell, with The Cleaners From Venus,
        The Brotherhood of Lizards, and otherwise.

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        Kay (Cain) Akashi, Roddy Ashworth, Mathias Block, Ulrich Bomnüter,
        Michael Coxe, Alex Dennis, Scott Getley, Greg Gillette, Andy Holyer,
        John Johanneson, Matthew Kaplan, Barry Lamb, R. Stevie Moore,
        Patrick Padua, Joe Perez, Steve Pilon, Geoff Poole, Charley Radtke,
        Clive Richards, Egidio Sabbadini, Annie Sattler, Rudi Tüscher,
        Toby Thomas, Paul Wilkinson, Jim Zittel.

And we would like to especially thank Joachim Reinbold, proprietor of the
much-loved but now-defunct Jarmusic Records.

Plain-text discography available upon request.

News and Information

According to Martin Newell in 2006, Joachim Reinbold decided to close Jarmusic after lo these many years. We wish him luck in his future endeavours.

MGMT recorded Martin Newell's song “Only A Shadow” in a session for Daytrotter (2011.01.03). Kinski Spiral performs Martin Newell's song “Let's Get Married” on their Kinski Kovers EP (CD 2005 US Cut and Paste ?). Miki Huber performs “I Will Haunt Your Room” on her album Songs (CD 2003 US ?). Kerry Getz performs “Christmas in Suburbia” on her album It's A Wonderful Life (CD 2003.12 US World In Motion ?). R. Stevie Moore performs “I Wasn't Drinking (I Was Just Tired)” on his album Love Compartment (CD 2000.06 US ?). Alphaville performs “Mercury Girl” live on their limited edition box set Dreamscapes (CDx8 1999.01 DE ?).

Giles Smith has written a book which addresses, to some degree, his time in The Cleaners From Venus. The book is entitled Lost In Music (UK Picador ISBN 0 330 33916 8).

According to the Falling A Records web site: “A single was recorded for Falling A, but was not released at the time. It is however of great historic value as it regrouped the original line up of Martin Newell and Lol Elliot to record at Sea Level studio and it spawned the original studio version of ‘Johnny the Moondog’ as well as ‘Only a shadow’. True to our spirit of good intentions and then running out of cash we also had Martin compile a best of the DIY tape years which was scheduled to be released as an album called The purple love machine is incredibly groovy. Sadly this also never got beyond a few promo copies either.”

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p/s     picture sleeve  std.    standard        s/s     stock sleeve
s/l     slimline        j/b     jewel box       promo   promotional
c/n     catalog number  g/f     gatefold        p/d     picture disc
b/i     back insert     p/b     paperboard      w/s     widescreen

Album:  full album release, in one or more of the formats below:
  LP    12" vinyl long-player (33 1/3 RPM)
  CD    Compact (digital) disc (std. j/b unless otherwise indicated)
  CT    (Mini-) Cassette tape
  8T    8-track tape (obsolete)
  RT    Reel-to-reel tape
  DC    Digital Compact Cassette tape
  MD    MiniDisc (digital magneto-optical)
  CR    CD-R (CD Recordable or Read-Write)
  SA    Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD)
  DA    DVD Audio
  DR    DVD-R (DVD Recordable or Read-Write)
  DD    Digital Download (see Other Formats below)

Single: single or EP release, in one or more of the formats below:
  7"    45 RPM vinyl
  10"   45 RPM vinyl
  12"   45 RPM vinyl
  C3    CD-3, 3" (8 cm) CD single
  C5    5" (12 cm) CD single (s/l j/b unless otherwise indicated)
  CS    (Mini-) Cassette single (p/b p/s unless otherwise indicated)
  EP    Extended play single or mini-album (vinyl, usually 33 1/3 RPM)
  F7    7" flexi-disc, flexible vinyl single (usually one-sided)

Video:  video release, in one or more of the formats below:
  VHS   VHS-format video tape
  Beta  Beta-format video tape
  BRD   Blu-ray Disc
  UMD   Universal Media Disc (Sony PlayStation Portable)
  HVD   High-Definition Versatile Disc (HD DVD)
  DVD   Digital Versatile (Video) Disc (including DVD-ROM)
  VCD   Video CD, popular in Asia (MPEG1)
  CLV   Video disc in Constant Linear Velocity format (8" or 12")
  CAV   Video disc in Constant Angular Velocity format (8" or 12")
  LDS   Laser Disc single (Japan)
  VHD   Video High Density, obsolete laser disc format (Japan)
  NTSC  Video format for U.S.A. and Japan
  PAL   Video format for the E.C. (except France), Scandinavia, Australia
  SECAM Video format for France

Other Formats:
  ROM   CD-ROM, computer-readable disc
  MP3   Layer 3 MPEG encoded audio
  WMA   Windows Media Audio
  PZD   PocketZip floppy disk storage system
  Pub   A publication: a book, songbook, pamphlet, magazine, etc.

  Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4   Calendar quarters: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.
  Radio Show    A release specially recorded for radio airplay.
  Interview     An interview transcription disc.
  Collection    A collection of tracks by this artist, usually previously
                released on various albums and singles.
  Compilation   A compilation of tracks by various artists.
  Soundtrack    Soundtrack to a film or play released in Album format.
  Box Set       Box set of previously released and/or unreleased material.
  Songbook      Book of words and music.
  Bootleg       Unauthorized release of previously unreleased material
                consisting of concert recordings, studio outtakes, and
                radio or television broadcasts.
  Pirate        Unauthorized release of previously released material
                without attempting to make the album look like an original.
  Counterfeit   Unauthorized copy of an officially released album.

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The Fine Print

Please do not ask me where to find rare recordings, bootlegs, videos, or other releases listed in this discography.  Please do not ask me where you can get scans of artwork for these releases.  This discography is a list of releases that have been made available over time, not a list of my personal collection.  Just because any given release is listed in this discography does not mean that I own that release, nor does it indicate that I am willing to trade, sell, or make tape copies of that or any other release.  If you are looking for such recordings, try attending record shows, reading collector magazines, and hunting in used record shoppes.

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