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Cud Discography: Other Collaborations and Compilations

        Only information for the tracks by or featuring members of Cud
        is included.

Scared to Get Happy
A Story Of Indie Pop 1980-1989

2013 June
  CDx5: 2013.06.24  UK Cherry Red CRCDBOX10 (box set)
                Cud: Only (A Prawn In Whitby)

Kats Karavan
The History of John Peel on the Radio

2009 October
  CDx4: 2009.10.26  UK Commercial ? (box set)
          3'51  Cud: You Sexy Thing

Many Will Be Cold But Few Will Be Frozen
Another Cool Compilation From Universal Music Catalogue
Best of 2007

    CD: 2007        UK Universal ? (promo)
                Cud: Strange Kind of Love

True School Party
2006 November
  CDx3: 2006.11.27  UK Spectrum ? (box set)
                Cud: Rich And Strange

Pockets Of Resistance
Leeds Bands Against War

        All proceeds to Leeds Stop the War Coalition.

    CD: 2003        UK Vanunu V01
                Carl Puttnam Vs. Alaric Neville: Born In The USA

Carl At The Kit-Kat
2003 January
        Carl Puttnam is DJ at the Kit-Kat Club in Leeds.

  CRx2: 2003.01     UK Stolen Sounds ?

Dope Smugglaz
Dope Radio

2000 December
        Carl 'The Cat' Puttnam (vocals)

    CD: 2000.12.11  UK Perfecto PERFALB01CD (clamshell case)
    LP: 2000.12.11  UK Perfecto PERFALB01?
                88-99 RIP

Dope Smugglaz
Double Double Dutch

1999 July
        Carl 'The Cat' Puttnam (vocals)

    C5: 1999.07.26  UK Perfecto ?
    C5: 1999        SE RCA ?
    C5: 1999        AU Mushroom ? (enhanced)
                88-99 RIP

Essential Indie
    CD: 1996        UK PolyGram PSPCD445
          6'16  Cud: Purple Love Balloon

No Compromize
1996 November
        Benefit for the Campaign for Free Education.

  CDx2: 1996.11.18  UK Delirium DELEC CD055
          6'40  Cud: Magic (Smalltown USA Mix)

Our Price New Releases 22 August 1994
1994 August
    CD: 1994.08     UK Disctronics ? (promo)

Rock Over London #94-13
Week of March 25, 1994

radio show
1994 March
    CD: 1994.03.25  US Rock Over London (Radio Ventures) RL#94-13 (promo)
                Cud: Sticks and Stones

Secret Tracks
1994 March
        Issued free with the April 1994 issue of Select magazine.

    CT: 1994.03     UK Select [no c/n?] (promo)
          2'40  Cud: Somebody Snatched My Action

Rock Over London #94-08
Week of February 18, 1994

radio show
1994 February
    CD: 1994.02.18  US Rock Over London (Radio Ventures) RL#94-08 (promo)
                Cud: Neurotica

Off The Street
1993 August
        All profits donated to the St Anne's day centre for the homeless OFF
        THE STREET fund.

    CD: 1993.08     UK Thank you very much (Leeds/Radio AIRE FM) Thanks CD1
                Cud: Through the Roof (Strongroom Mix)

1992's Greatest Video Moments
A&M Records Presents

   VHS: 1993        US A&M [no c/n?] (promo)
                Cud: Through the Roof

Spin This
        SPIN Magazine promotional CD.

    CD: 1992        US Spin ? (promo)
                Cud: Rich and Strange

Ruby Trax
The NME's Roaring Forty

1992 November
        All profits to be donated to The Spastics Society For People With
        Cerebral Palsy.

  CDx3: 1992.11     UK Forty NME40CD (double-width j/b)
  CTx3: 1992.11     UK Forty NME 40 C
  LPx3: 1992.11     UK Forth NME 40 LP
                Cud: Down Down

Best of Independent 20
1992 October?
    CD: 1992.10?    UK Beechwood BOTT002CD
  LPx2: 1992.10?    UK Beechwood ?
          3'56  Cud: Magic

Hit CD One
The Sexiest Sounds of '92 — and more

        Included with Hit CD magazine.

    CD: 1992        UK Northern & Shell HCD 1 (promo, no p/s)
                Cud: Purple Love Balloon

Rock Over London #92-35
radio show
1992 August
    LP: 1992.08.28  US Rock Over London (Radio Ventures) RL#92-35 (promo)

Top of the Pops #1448
radio show
1992 August
    CD: 1992.08     UK BBC #1448? (promo, s/s)
                Cud: Purple Love Balloon

HMV Video 8/8 - 29/8
compilation video
1992 August
   VHS: 1992.08.08  UK HMV ? (promo, s/s)
                CUD: Purple Love Balloon

AlternaVision Vol. 26
Retail Vision

compilation video
   VHS: 1992?       US Concrete ? (promo, s/s)
                Cud: Through the Roof

Top of the Pops #1439
radio show
1992 June
    CD: 1992.06     UK BBC #1439? (promo, s/s)
                Cud: Rich & Strange

The Body Electric
Volume Head

1992 May?
    CD: 1992.05?    US A&M 75021 7358 2 (promo, p/b g/f p/s)
          3'59  Cud: Through The Roof
          3'37  Cud: Rich And Strange

Gimme Shelter
1992 April
        All profits to be donated to the Putting Our House In Order

    CD: 1992.04.05? UK Food (EMI) EMI CDORDER DJS1 (promo)
    CD: 1993        JP Toshiba (EMI) TOCP-8009 (diff. p/s)
                Cud and Sandie Shaw: Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter
    C5: 1992.04.05? UK Food (EMI) CDORDERA 1 (7243 8 805772 1)
                Cud and Sandie Shaw: Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter
Radio Promo
    CD: 1992        UK Food (EMI) CDORDER DJL1 (promo)
                Cud with Sandie Shaw: Gimme Shelter

         Gimme Shelter The Video
   VHS: 1992.04.05? UK Food (EMI) ?
                Cud and Sandie Shaw: Gimme Shelter

The Best Of The Mark Goodier Radio 1 Sessions
Volume 1 — Exclusive & Unreleased Recordings

1992 March
        Special Deluxe Limited Edition Package, multi-fold digi-pak.
        Recorded for Mark Goodier's Evening Session on BBC Radio 1 on 21
        September 1991.

    CD: 1992.03     UK Nighttracks MARK 1
    LP: 1992.03     UK Nighttracks MARK 1?
    CT: 1992.03     UK Nighttracks MARK 1?
          2'42  Cud: Oh No Won't Do (BBC version)

Rock America
compilation video
1991 December
   VHS: 1991.12     US Rock America? (promo)
                Cud: Magic

Knowing Where It All Leeds
1991 December
    LP: 1991.12     UK Stolen Sounds BLAG 4
    CD: 1991.12     UK Stolen Sounds BLAG 4 CD
                Cud: Love Mandarin

Jeff Suhy and Scott Carter present
Soundgarden Swervedriver and CUD

compilation video
1991 November
   VHS: 1991.11.19  US A&M ? (promo)
                Cud: Magic

New Season
The Peel Sessions

1991 November
        Recorded for The John Peel Show on BBC Radio 1 on 16 June 1987.

    CD: 1991.11     UK Strange Fruit SFRCD 205
  LPx2: 1991.11     UK Strange Fruit SFR 205 (g/f)
    CT: 1991.11     UK Strange Fruit SFR C 205?
                Cud: Mind the Gap (BBC version)

Out Of Time
The Very Best of the Imaginary Tribute Series

1991 November
    CD: 1991.11     UK Imaginary ILL CD 031
                Cud: Lola

Rock Over London #91-43
Week of October 25, 1991

radio show
1991 October
    CD: 1991.10.25  US Rock Over London (Radio Ventures) RL#91-43? (promo)
                Cud: Oh No Won't Do

Album Network Expand-O CD Tune Up Number 18
1991 October
    CD: 1991.10.28  US Album Network CD TUNE UP 18? (promo)
          4'02  Cud: Magic (Farsley Mix)

CMJ presents Certain Damage! Volume 38
1991 October
    CD: 1991.10     US CMJ CMJ CD-038 (promo)
          4'01  Cud: Magic (Farsley mix)

Indie Top CD Vol XI
1991 February
    CD: 1991.02     UK Beechwood TT011CD
  LPx2: 1991.02     UK Beechwood TT011 (g/f)
    CT: 1991.02     UK Beechwood TT011MC?
          3'56  Cud: Magic

Claw Fist — The Family Cat and The Cud Band
split single
1990 September
        Claw Fist double cover single, available through mail order only.
        Cud covers a song by Family Cat and Family Cat covers a song by Cud.
        Ltd. ed. of 1,500.

    7": 1990.09     UK Claw Fist PIG-2 (single fold p/s)
                Family Cat: Strange Kind of Love
                Cud: Remember What It Is That You Love

Airspace II
The Sequel

1990 April
    LP: 1990.04.14  UK Breaking Down BREAKLP3
                Cud: Strange Kinda Love (live)

Alvin Lives (In Leeds)
(Anti Poll Tax Trax)

1990 April
    LP: 1990.04     UK Sound of Spasm/Midnight Music CLANG 4
    CD: 1990.04     UK Sound of Spasm/Midnight Music CLANG 4 CD
    CT: 1990.04     UK Sound of Spasm/Midnight Music CLANG 4 C
          2'51  Cud: Bohemian Rhapsody

Futurama 6
live video
        Recorded live at The Palace, Bradford, 1 October 1989.

   VHS: 1990        UK Jettisoundz JE200
                Cud: Van Van Van
                Cud: Only (A Prawn In Whitby)
                Cud: Art!

1989 June
        Carefree Sud pay tribute to the majesty of Carl Puttnam and Cud.

    LP: 1989.06     UK Breaking Down breaklp1
                Carefree Sud: Only (A Prawn in Whitby)

A Tribute To The Kinks

1989 April
    LP: 1989.04     UK Imaginary ILLUSION 003
    CD: 1989.04     UK Imaginary ILLCD300
    CD: 1989        US Communion COMM8CD
    LP: 1989        US Communion COMM8
    CT: 1989        US Communion ?
                Cud: Lola

Take 5
1988 July
    LP: 1988.07     UK Shelter Shelter 4
                Cud: Treat Me Bad

Electro Hippies / Cud
For Radio Play Only
A special limited edition

split single
1988 February
        Promotional single, ltd. ed. of 200.

    7": 1988.02     UK Strange Fruit SFPS042 (SS701) (promo, no p/s)
                Cud: You Sexy Thing

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