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Cud Discography: Major Collaborations

        Major collaborative releases featuring members of Cud.

Carl Puttnam & Alaric Neville
Old Masters

2012 June
        Carl Puttnam (vocals)
        Alaric Neville (guitars, bass keyboards, ukelele, bandura, pixiphone)
        Mark Chillington (drums [1,2,4,7,8,9])
        Harry Hamer (drums [1,6,12])
        Paul Morricone (Rhodes piano [2])
        Jude Abbott (backing vocals [2], trumpet [4])
        Steve Goodwin (drums [3,5,10])
        Chris Quick (piano [3], Hammond organ [5])
        Felix Frey (bass [3,10], slide guitar [3])
        Belinda O'Hooley (backing vocals [4])
        Heidi Tidow (backing vocals [4])
        Chris Walton (trombone [4])
        Mike Dunphy (lead guitar [6,11])
        Gabriel Tonka (synth [6])
        Tris Williams (percussion [8], tambourine [12])
        Valerie Dupont (vocals [9])
        Gogs Byrn (drums [11,13])
        Chumbawamba (backing vocals [12])
        William Potter (bass [13])

    CD: 2012.06     UK Stolen Sounds BLAG10 (a/g pre-release)
    CD: 2012.07?    UK Stolen Sounds BLAG10
    DD: 2012.07?    UK Stolen Sounds BLAG10 (MP3)
          3'32  Bloody Sacrifice {Puttnam/Neville}
          4'26  London Nearly Killed Me {Puttnam/Potter}
          5'26  I Only Have Eyes For You {Dubin/Warren}
          3'36  Butterfly {Puttnam/Neville}
          5'17  You Sexy Thing {Brown}
          3'39  Dreamy Dreaming {Puttnam/Dunphy}
          5'11  Walkover {Puttnam/Neville}
          3'54  He Feels No Pain {Telfer/Prosser}
          3'00  L'Heure Bleu {Puttnam/Neville}
          4'38  A Ring Around The Coastline {Puttnam/Neville}
          4'04  Rocks At The End Of The Bay {Puttnam/Neville}
          4'51  Up On The Bridge (I Will Not Be Lonely) {Telfer/Prosser}
          6'07  Ferry Cross The Aire {Whalley}

Carl Puttnam and Friends
CUDSTOCK... naked

live album
2003 December
        Stephen Goodwin (drums)
        David Lazonby (bass)
        Alaric Neville (guitar)
        Carl Puttnam (vocals)

        Tracks 1-10 recorded by the Tonka Inc. mobile at various locations
        around Leeds, Autumn 2002.
        Tracks 11-17 recorded by Elias Andrianatos at 12bar Club, London,
        17th December 2002.
        Track 18 recorded by Alaric Neville at the Railway Carriage, Leeds,
        March 2003.

        No jiggery-pokery, no overdubs, no studio trickery, no apology.

    CR: 2003.12     UK Stolen Sounds? [no c/n]
                Vocally Speaking
                I've Had It With Blondes
                Midnight Cowboy
                Girl, You're Always On My Mind
                The Right Key
                Strange Kind of Love
                Awaiting the Sea
                You Sexy Thing
                The Day Crime Paid
                Spanish Love Song
                You Sexy Thing
                Vocally Speaking
                I Only Have Eyes For You
                London Nearly
                Hey Boots
                Bombed By the USA

Carl Puttnam
Chateau De Carles

live album
        All songs recorded live at the 12-BAR 21st november 2001.

        Alaric Neville (guitars)
        David Lazonby (guitars)
        Michael Hirst (melodian & percussion)
        Carl Puttnam (vocals)

    CD: 2002        UK Stolen Sounds BLAG8
                Alison Springs
                forgetting the words
                Only A Prawn In Whitby
                Dreamy Dreaming
                Rich And Strange
                Bloody Sacrifice
                Once Again
                Walk Over
                Love In A Hollow Tree
                potter is in the house
                Under My Hat
                Will the Circle Be Unbroken
                what's it to be
                Alison Springs (again)
                Rocks At The End Of The Bay

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