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This document is a discography of:

        CUD (now twice defunct)

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Some information in this discography was taken from information provided by
the Space CUDets (and William Potter), from the Wonderland XTC discography
compiled by Shigemasa Fujimoto, and from the odd music magazine or two.

Special thanks to: (in alphabetical order)

        Dan Becker, Iain Cameron, Craig Cooper, Karl Cremin, Robert Cumming,
        Dave Dooley, Julian Gevers, Anthony Horan, Phil Horner,
        Mark LaForge, Holger Löschner, Mark McKinzie, Nigel Moore,
        Diana J. Pisani, Gareth Senior.

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News and Information

Carl Puttnam had a solo project titled, oddly enough, Carl and had apparently signed with Polydor at one point. Carl was in the studio with Alaric Neville and Richard Formby, collaborators of When In Rome, Kill Me infamy, Mark Chillington on drums, Mick Dale, and assorted members of Embrace, Scaramanga, Spacemen 3, etc. Ten to fifteen songs had been belted out. In March 2008, Alaric Neville wrote to say that recording had resumed on the project. New recordings had been made with Steve Goodwin on drums, Alaric Neville on guitar and Felix Frey on bass. Songwriting collaborations with both William Potter and Mike Dunphy are featured. The project has been released as Old Masters.

Carl Puttnam has put in various cameo appearances on other albums (details anyone?). Carl has been an extra in Emmerdale, and apparently has starred in a TV commercial dressed as a blue Smartie. He is also writing a novel, painting, and DJing at clubs in Leeds and occasionally on Galaxy FM.

Steve Goodwin is a member of the band Lazerboy. Lazerboy have three albums: Forget Nothing (1996 UK Freek), Fallen World (1997 UK Probe Plus) and The Man on the Street Where He Lives (1998.10 JP).

Michael (Mick) Dale is now a member of Embrace.

Mike Dunphy at one time managed Cube, now signed with Polydor.

“Bang On” by The Propellerheads and “Gimme a Smile for the Future” by The Lost Tribe both feature samples of Cud songs.

Elliot Puttnam, baby brother of Carl, let us know that Cud had broken up (some time prior to July 1996), following A&M dropping the band.

Four songs were recorded in 1996: “Stay”, “In the Underground”, “Living, Changing”, and “Strangelove”. The sessions were produced by Donald Ross Skinner. Two of those tracks were released on Rich And Strange (The Anthology) and two tracks were released on Donkey With a Fez On (the unreleased classic).

William Potter left the band in late 1995 or early 1996 to pursue a career in comics in London; he is currently the editor of Art Magic. In the past he has also done software testing on educational CD-ROMs. Taking his place on bass in Cud was Mick Dale (an uncredited additional musician on Leggy Mambo).

Spooky did a 10-minute remix of “Magic” for a planned single release to go with a ‘best of’ Cud compilation to have been released in 1996 (but plans for the release were shelved). Two other songs, “Before Tomorrow” and “Judas Kiss”, were recorded. The three songs were eventually released in 2008 on the Elvis Handbag collection.

Not available in any form whatsoever are the albums Capricorn On The Cob (DUG 002), Donkey With a Fez On (DUG 003) and Ignore the Hobbit (DUG 004). (Of course, that's not quite true: Donkey With a Fez On was "released" in November 2001 via mail order.)

There exists a Cud promotional bubblegum box, contructed from a Bazooka bubblegum box with “Chewy Mothers Choose CUD” stickers placed over the Bazooka label.

Promotional videos were filmed for the following songs:

Through the Roof (two versions)
Rich and Strange
Oh No Won't Do
Purple Love Balloon
One Giant Love

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Abbreviations and Definitions

num.    numbered        ltd.    limited         ed.     edition
p/s     picture sleeve  std.    standard        s/s     stock sleeve
s/l     slimline        j/b     jewel box       promo   promotional
c/n     catalog number  g/f     gatefold        p/d     picture disc
b/i     back insert     p/b     paperboard      w/s     widescreen

Album:  full album release, in one or more of the formats below:
  LP    12" vinyl long-player (33 1/3 RPM)
  CD    Compact (digital) disc (std. j/b unless otherwise indicated)
  CT    (Mini-) Cassette tape
  8T    8-track tape (obsolete)
  RT    Reel-to-reel tape
  DC    Digital Compact Cassette tape
  MD    MiniDisc (digital magneto-optical)
  CR    CD-R (CD Recordable or Read-Write)
  SA    Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD)
  DA    DVD Audio
  DR    DVD-R (DVD Recordable or Read-Write)
  DD    Digital Download (see Other Formats below)

Single: single or EP release, in one or more of the formats below:
  7"    45 RPM vinyl
  10"   45 RPM vinyl
  12"   45 RPM vinyl
  C3    CD-3, 3" (8 cm) CD single
  C5    5" (12 cm) CD single (s/l j/b unless otherwise indicated)
  CS    (Mini-) Cassette single (p/b p/s unless otherwise indicated)
  EP    Extended play single or mini-album (vinyl, usually 33 1/3 RPM)
  F7    7" flexi-disc, flexible vinyl single (usually one-sided)

Video:  video release, in one or more of the formats below:
  VHS   VHS-format video tape
  Beta  Beta-format video tape
  BRD   Blu-ray Disc
  UMD   Universal Media Disc (Sony PlayStation Portable)
  HVD   High-Definition Versatile Disc (HD DVD)
  DVD   Digital Versatile (Video) Disc (including DVD-ROM)
  VCD   Video CD, popular in Asia (MPEG1)
  CLV   Video disc in Constant Linear Velocity format (8" or 12")
  CAV   Video disc in Constant Angular Velocity format (8" or 12")
  LDS   Laser Disc single (Japan)
  VHD   Video High Density, obsolete laser disc format (Japan)
  NTSC  Video format for U.S.A. and Japan
  PAL   Video format for the E.C. (except France), Scandinavia, Australia
  SECAM Video format for France

Other Formats:
  ROM   CD-ROM, computer-readable disc
  MP3   Layer 3 MPEG encoded audio
  WMA   Windows Media Audio
  PZD   PocketZip floppy disk storage system
  Pub   A publication: a book, songbook, pamphlet, magazine, etc.

  Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4   Calendar quarters: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.
  Radio Show    A release specially recorded for radio airplay.
  Interview     An interview transcription disc.
  Collection    A collection of tracks by this artist, usually previously
                released on various albums and singles.
  Compilation   A compilation of tracks by various artists.
  Soundtrack    Soundtrack to a film or play released in Album format.
  Box Set       Box set of previously released and/or unreleased material.
  Songbook      Book of words and music.
  Bootleg       Unauthorized release of previously unreleased material
                consisting of concert recordings, studio outtakes, and
                radio or television broadcasts.
  Pirate        Unauthorized release of previously released material
                without attempting to make the album look like an original.
  Counterfeit   Unauthorized copy of an officially released album.

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        WG  West Germany (prior to August 1990)         WW  Worldwide

The Fine Print

Please do not ask me where to find rare recordings, bootlegs, videos, or other releases listed in this discography.  Please do not ask me where you can get scans of artwork for these releases.  This discography is a list of releases that have been made available over time, not a list of my personal collection.  Just because any given release is listed in this discography does not mean that I own that release, nor does it indicate that I am willing to trade, sell, or make tape copies of that or any other release.  If you are looking for such recordings, try attending record shows, reading collector magazines, and hunting in used record shoppes.

While the existence of unauthorized recordings may be documented herein, I cannot advise on the legality of such recordings, nor can I advise where such recordings can be obtained.

All singles and EPs have a picture sleeve (p/s) unless otherwise noted.  Unless otherwise noted, CDs come in a standard jewel-box and CD-singles come in a slim-line jewel-box.  An “obi” is the paper strip (literally, the “sash”) that comes wrapped around most Japanese LPs and CDs.

Song authorship is denoted by names enclosed in braces, e.g., “{Blegvad/Moore}”.  Where possible, the name of the lyricist appears first.

Information flagged with a question mark has not been verified (a guess, a rumour).  If you have further information about these or other related releases or if you can supply missing artwork, please write me.

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