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Peter Blegvad Discography: Unauthorized Releases

        Unauthorized releases: pirates, counterfeits and bootlegs.

John Greaves and Peter Blegvad
Les Lilas June 9, 2007
with Jeanne Added, David Lewis, Jef Morin

2007 August
  CRx2: 2007.08.27  JP Blue 082
          Disc 1:
                Introduction - Swelling Valley
                The Trouble With Happiness
                He Puts Us Under - Earthly Powers
                Golden Age
                Powers In The Air
                The Marvellous In The Everyday
                In Hell's Despite
          Disc 2:
                Introduction - Good Evening - Twenty-Two Proverbs
                Seven Scenes From The Painting ‘Exhuming The First
                        American Mastodon’ by C.W. Peale
                Catalogue Of Fifteen Objects And Their Titles
                Bad Alchemy
                The Song
                For Bearings - Silence

Peter Blegvad Trio
Le Garric April 14, 2007
Peter Blegvad, Chris Cutler and John Greaves

2007 June
    CR: 2007.06.14  JP Blue 036
                Face Off
                The Marvellous In The Everyday
                Driver's Seat
                The Unborn Byron
                That'll Be Him Now
                You And Me
                In Hell's Despite
                Mad Love Vanishes
                The Green Fuse
                Le Lune Blanche
                Hangman's Hill
                Had To Be Bad
                Golden Age
                Just Woke Up
                On All Fours
                The Bee Dream

Slapp Happy
Club Gig 2000
Queen Elizabeth Hall,
London UK 13 June 2000

    DR: 2005        JP Footstomp FSVD-023
                Heading For Kyoto
                Casablanca Moon
                Me And Paravati
                Moon Lovers
                King Of Straw
                Slow Moon Rose
                Riding Tigers
                The Secret
                Child Then/Some Questions About Hats
                Small Hands Of Stone
                A Little Something
                The Unborn Byron
                Scarred For Life
                Who's Gonna Help Me Now
                Let's Travel Light

John Greaves & Peter Blegvad
Live at Zu Club

        Live at Zu Club, New York, December 19, 1978.

  CRx2: 2003        JP Peace Frog C031226
          Disc 1:
          7'15  Milk / Jaloozy
          6'36  For Bearings
          2'48  The Rose Sub
          6'17  Silence
          9'49  [reading a story]
          2'35  Crumb De La Crumb [instrumental]
          3'34  Alcohol
          Disc 2:
          3'28  Strayed
          9'53  Actual Frenzy
          6'46  Twenty-Two Proverbs
          4'22  Riding Tigers
          4'41  A Little Something
         10'59  [improvisation]

Dagmar Krause
Singt Brecht 2001

    CR: 2003        IT/JP Metro MTRCD-20
          Slapp Happy, live at Star Pine's Cafe, May 26, 2000:
          3'10  Casablanca Moon
          2'48  In The Sickbay
          3'56  Dawn
          Slapp Happy, live at Star Pine's Cafe, May 28, 2000:
          3'34  The Secret
          4'59  Coralie
          3'51  Heading For Kyoto

Be In The No-Air
A Tribute To Robert Wyatt

        Fred Frith, John Greaves, Peter Blegvad, Karen Mantler, Pip Pyle,
        Hugh Hopper, Daevid Allen, Mark Kramer
        Live at The Knitting Factory, New York, NY, Sept. 8th, 1998

  CRx2: 2002?       JP Peace Frog PF-157D
          Disc 1:
                Muddy Mouth
                The Song
                A Little Something
                God Song
                Sea Song
                Gloria Gloom
                A Last Straw
          Disc 2:
                Was A Friend
                Daevid Allen
                Free Will And Testament
                Hope For Happiness
                We Did It Again

Peter Blegvad, Chris Cutler & John Greaves
Live in Kyoto

        Live in Kyoto, June 1998.

        Peter Blegvad (guitar, vocals)
        Chris Cutler (drums)
        John Greaves (bass)

    CR: 2001?       JP ?
          3'28  You & Me
          3'41  The Marvellous In The Everyday
          5'15  Meet The Rain
          3'32  Face Off
          2'55  Let's Travel Light
          3'56  Hangman's Hill
          3'56  Meantime
          5'03  In Hell's Despite
          4'47  (Something Else Is) Working Harder
          5'02  King Strut
          3'43  Model Of Kindness
          2'12  Stink
          2'47  The Unborn Byron
          2'07  Best Thing
          4'45  Shirt & Comb
          3'16  The Incinerator
          4'18  Waste Of Time
          2'52  On All Fours
          3'31  Bee Dream
          2'50  Scarred For Life
          4'18  Let's Travel Light

Art Bears
A Song About Love

        Disc 1: Live in Charleville, France, May, 1979
        Disc 2: Live in Milano, Italy, May 1st, 1979

        Chris Cutler (drums, percussions)
        Fred Frith (guitars, violin)
        Dagmar Krause (singing)
        Peter Blegvad (guitars, bass, singing)
        Marc Hollander (keyboards, clarinet)

  CRx2: 2001?       JP Peace Frog PF-222D (bootleg)
          Disc 1:
                The Winter Wheel
                First Things First
                Winter/War ~ Force
                The Tube
                The Summer Wheel
                Moeris Dancing
                The Dividing Line
                The Skeleton
                Rats & Monkeys
                Man & Boy
                Three Wheels
                The Dance
                The Hermit
                A Little Something
                Mr. Rainbow
          Disc 2:
                The Bath Of Stars
                The Winter Wheel
                First Things First
                Winter/War ~ Force
                The Tube
                The Summer Wheel
                Moeris Dancing
                On Suicide
                The Dividing Line
                The Skeleton
                Rats & Monkeys
                Man & Boy
                The Dance
                The Hermit
                A Little Something

Slapp Happy
Let's Think About Livin'

        Live at ICA London, 1983.

    CR: 2001?       JP Red & Circle RCD-2033 (bootleg)
                Everybody's Slimin'
                Some Questions About Hats
                Extract From The Messiah
                Riding Tigers
                Casablanca Moon
                A Little Something
                Small Hands of Stone
                World Service
                Me and Paravati
                The Naked Shakes Peare
                O For The Ocean
                Unknown [Tattoo Lady]

Slapp Happy
Moon Lovers Nights

        Disc 1: Live at Star Pine's Cafe, Tokyo, May 26th & 28th, 2000
        Disc 2: Live at Star Pine's Cafe, Tokyo, May 16th, 2000

        Dagmar Krause (vocal, keyboards, percussion, bell, harmonica)
        Anthony Moore (keyboards, guitars, electric shaver, harmonica, vocal)
        Peter Blegvad (guitars, keyboards, harmonica, vocal)

  CRx2: 2000        IT/JP Metro MTRCD-001/002
          Disc 1:
          3'14  Introduction
          3'36  Heading for Kyoto
          3'24  Casablanca Moon
          4'06  Me and Parvati
          3'10  Moon Lovers
          3'18  King of Straw
          3'42  Slow Moon's Rose
          3'03  Michaelangelo
          2'05  Riding Tigers
          4'10  Child Then / Some Questions about Hats
          2'50  In the Sickbay
          3'38  Small Hands of Stone
          4'06  Haiku
          4'32  Dawn
          4'43  A Little Something
          4'25  I'm All Alone
          3'07  Unborn Byron
          3'23  Scarred for Life
          5'20  Blue Flower
          2'58  Moon Lovers (upright piano version) (bonus track)
          Disc 2:
          1'06  Introduction
          3'30  Heading for Kyoto
          3'12  Casablanca Moon
          4'19  Me and Parvati
          3'14  Moon Lovers
          2'17  Strayed
          3'54  King of Straw
          4'09  Slow Moon's Rose
          3'12  Michaelangelo
          2'26  Riding Tigers
          4'08  The Secret
          5'32  Coralie
          4'52  Child Then / Some Questions about Hats
          3'47  Small Hands of Stone
          4'30  Haiku
          5'31  Is it You?
          4'22  Dawn
          3'27  Who's Gonna Help Me Now
          4'01  Let's Travel Light
          2'33  Mr Rainbow (improvised) [second encore]

Matthew Sweet
B-Sides & Rarities

        Peter Blegvad (guitars)

  CDx3: 2000        UK Five Dolar FDR 110/111/112
          Disc One:
                The Golden Palominos: Something Becomes Nothing

Slapp Happy
Ultra Rare Trax of Slapp Happy
inc. The Legendaly German Soft Rock
Album feat : Dagmer Crause

    CD: 1996        JP Moon? Moonrec 002
          Casablanca Moon EP:
                Casablanca Moon (single edit)
                Me and Pavarti (single edit)
          City Preachers:
                Hey, La La La
                Who are you
                Any Day in Wonderland
                Sometimes the Sky is filled with Rain
                On a Train Ride
                Betty Dupree
                Wenn Abendlichter Glanzen
                Golden Yesterdays
                Come Back
                Franky and Johnny
                Old Shanty Town
                The Ventriloquist
                The Young Lieutenant
                The Architect
                The Poet
                The Man on the Island
                The Acrobat
                The Organist
                The Philosopher
                The Gentlemen on the Stairs
                The Priest
          Sort Of EP:
          Anthony Moore EP:
                Judy (single edit)
                Lucia (single edit)
          Slapp Happy Including Anthony Moore EP:
                Johnny's Dead
                Mr. Rainbow

Slap Happy
BBC Live 1974 & Reunion Concert in London 1983

        [1-4] BBC Top Gear 1974.6.25
        Anthony Moore (piano, vocals, organ, harpsichord)
        Peter Blegvad (acoustic guitar, guitar, vocals)
        Dagmar Krause (lead vocals)
        Fred Frith (guitar)
        Lindsay Cooper (bassoon, oboe)
        Geoff Leigh (soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet)
        Jeff Clyne (double bass)
        Robert Wyatt (vocals, percussion)

        [2] released on Robert Wyatt: Flotsam Jetsam

        [5-20] I.C.A. London 1983
        Anthony Moore
        Peter Blegvad
        Dagmar Krause

        Sound: not good, not bad.  A document.

    CD: 1995        JP ? 21462 M1
          3'25  Europa
          3'30  A Little Something
          3'19  War
          3'37  Me & Paravati
          6'06  Everybody's Slimmin'
          3'35  Michelangelo (Acapera [a capella] version)
          2'25  Some Questions About Hats
          1'44  Excerpt from the Messiah
          2'31  Riding Tigers
          3'21  Casablanca Moon
          4'25  A Little Something
          2'35  Small Hands Of Stone
          4'11  Unknown [World Service]
          3'57  Me & Parvati
          4'01  Karen
          3'14  The Naked Shakespeare (Inst. version)
          2'54  Unknown [O For The Ocean]
          3'06  Moritat
          5'09  Haiku
          1'26  Unknown [Tattoo Lady (a capella)]

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