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Peter Blegvad Discography: Peter Blegvad Solo Releases

        Official releases attributed to Peter Blegvad.

Peter Blegvad
The Peter Blegvad Bandbox

2018 July
        Box set includes the 4 ReR releases: Downtime (1988),
        Just Woke Up (1995), Hangman's Hill (1998), Go Figure (2017)
        (the first 3 re-mastered and repackaged) plus
        It's All ‘Experimental’ (a double CD of unreleased studio
        recordings and live performances) plus a definitive 72 page book of
        photographs, memorabilia, drawings, documents and recollections.

        The Impossible Book:
        Peter Blegvad: The Free Rider/Writer
        Harriet Walter: Agatha Christie
        Andy Partridge: The Conductor
        David Thomas: The Sheriff
        John Guerrasio: The Passenger
        Aldo McKinney: Charles
        Sophie Duval: Charles' mum

  CDx6: 2018.07     UK ReR pbbb1 (signed ltd. ed. of 250)
          Downtime [ReR PB1]
          Just Woke Up [ReR PB2]
          Hangman's Hill [ReR PB3]
          Go Figure [ReR PB4?]
          It's All ‘Experimental’ 1 [ReR PB 5]
          [Live at the Woodcutter's Ball:]
                On All Fours
                Golden Page
                Shirt & Comb (Eddi Reader)
                King Strut
          [Unreleased and Demos:]
                Face off
                Mama's Boy
                Golden Helmet
                My Shadow and Me
                Great Escape
                Say No Now
                The Ballad of the Green Boy
                (Something Else Is) Working Harder (with Chaim Tannenbaum)
                WOP (Words Of Power)
                The Phraseolator
                Speaking Clock
                Burning Books
          It's All ‘Experimental’ 2 [ReR PB 6]
          [Live tracks:]
                Unearthed (The Bottle and Hardware)
                King Strut
                Model of Kindness
                Meet the Rain
                Scarred for Life
                Lying Again
                A Little Something
                Northern Lights
                Shirt and Comb
                Bee Dream
          The Impossible Book [ReRPbbb250]

Peter Blegvad
Simon at the Stone

2013 September
        Performed and recorded by Peter.

    DD: 2013.09.29  US Radio Free Song Club [no c/n] (MP3)
                Simon at the Stone

Peter Blegvad
Live at WFMU
Jim Price
2013 Marathon Premium

live album
2013 April
        Peter Blegvad (guitar, vocals)
        Kristoffer Blegvad (guitar on 14, 15 & 16)
        Kaye Blegvad (cover art)

    CR: 2013.04     US WFMU ?
          4'17  Wife of Usher's Well
          3'51  Naked Shakespeare
          3'44  Let Him Go
          3'22  When the Work Was New
          4'09  Real Slap in the Face
          4'12  Strong Simple Silences
          3'53  The Great Escape
          4'12  Card to Bernard
          1'20  Improv Tune
          3'38  Crumb De La Crumb
          3'49  How Beautiful You Are
          4'22  Model of Kindness
          3'25  Powers in the Air
          5'31  King Strut
          2'18  Vermont
          3'48  The Incinerator

Peter Blegvad
Too Much

2012 December
        Performed and recorded by Peter.

    DD: 2012.12.05  US Radio Free Song Club [no c/n] (MP3)
                Too Much

Peter Blegvad
Golden Helmet

2010 October
        Peter Blegvad (all instruments, vocals)

    DD: 2010.10.08  US Radio Free Song Club [no c/n] (MP3)
                Golden Helmet

Peter Blegvad
Let's Travel Light

2010 June
        Recorded live at Radio Free All Stars.

        Peter Blegvad
        with The Radio Free All Stars:
        Dave Schramm
        David Mansfield
        Andy Burton
        James MacMillan
        Paul Moschella

    DD: 2010.06.24  US Radio Free Song Club [no c/n] (MP3)
                Let's Travel Light (live)

Peter Blegvad
The Cote d'Azur

2010 May
    DD: 2010.05.05  US Radio Free Song Club [no c/n] (MP3)
                The Cote d'Azur

Peter Blegvad
We Fell Through a Crack in the World

2010 April
        Peter Blegvad
        John Guerrasio (screams)

    DD: 2010.04.16  US Radio Free Song Club [no c/n] (MP3)
                We Fell Through a Crack in the World

Peter Blegvad
Passing Through Part 1
A Two Day Tour of BARNSLEY
Eartoons and Field-Recordings by
Peter Blegvad
for the RAISE YOUR VOICE festival
BARNSLEY, YORKS, June 9-12 2005

2005 June
    CR: 2005.06     UK Raise Your Voice Festival, Barnsley [no c/n]
          2'59  Idiot check, Kings Cross
          2'41  On the train
          2'45  Rocket to Barnsley
          3'49  Self Hypnosis
          6'31  Dave Peake, YMCA
          1'09  The Fab Four forged
          4'58  Michael Beecroft, “Threads”
          5'06  Martyn Johnson
          4'01  The Only Song
          3'41  PADS 1 - Leslie Hepworth
          4'32  PADS 2 - “Rock Around the Clock”
          1'42  Word Chords
          9'09  Martyn - loyalty & hedgehogs

Peter Blegvad
Passing Through Part 2
A Two Day Tour of BARNSLEY
Eartoons and Field-Recordings by
Peter Blegvad
for the RAISE YOUR VOICE festival
BARNSLEY, YORKS, June 9-12 2005

2005 June
    CR: 2005.06     UK Raise Your Voice Festival, Barnsley [no c/n]
          6'31  Cawthorne School, The Cast Of “The Snow Queen”
          2'40  Worst Place
          3'47  Peter Jakes Ron (Councillor Fisher)
          5'28  John Ambler, Wentworth
          5'53  [without title]
          2'52  Alan Blakeman, Elsecar
         16'00  Barnsley Market, George the Sockman
          1'47  Ian McMillan, Barnsley F.C.
          3'34  Closure

Peter Blegvad
Choices Under Pressure
an acoustic retrospective

2001 February?
        Produced, arranged, and engineered by Jakko Jakszyk, who also played
        guitar, keyboards, percussion, flute, and sang backing vocals.
        Peter Blegvad (guitar, clarinet, vocals)
        John Greaves (electric bass)
        Danny Thompson (acoustic bass)

    CD: 2001.02?    UK Resurgence (Voiceprint) RES143CD
    CD: 2001.02.25  JP Voiceprint VPJ 166
    DD: 2006?       US Resurgence (Apple iTunes) 202979321 (AAC)
                Waste of Time
                The Unborn Byron
                Let's Travel Light
                Scarred for Life
                King Strut
                That'll Be Him Now
                God Detector
                Gigantic Eye

Peter Blegvad
Hangman's Hill
with John Greaves & Chris Cutler

1998 November
        The Peter Blegvad Trio is:
        Peter Blegvad (guitar, vocals, clarinet)
        John Greaves (bass, keyboards)
        Chris Cutler (drums, etc.)
        Bob Drake (guitar, percussion, voice)
        Adam Phillips (lead guitar)
        B.J. Cole (pedal & lap steel guitars)
        Geraint Watkins (keyboards)
        Chris Stamey (lead guitar & guitar,     arrangement on [1])
        Kristoffer Blegvad (vocals on [2])

    CD: 1998.11.09  UK ЯēR PB3
    CD: 1998.11.05  JP Locus Solus LSI 2036 (includes translations)
    DD: 2005?       US RER Megacorp (Apple iTunes) 51942312 (AAC)
    CD: 2018.07     UK ReR PB3 (remastered)
                Loss to Mourn
                Hangman's Hill
                Love Somebody                                      [2]
                Let's Travel Light
                The Marvellous in the Everyday                     [1]
                Bride of Fire
                On All Fours
                Scarred for Life
                Man Overboard
                Golden Age
                The Only Song {Blegvad/Greaves}

Peter Blegvad
Just Woke Up

1995 October
        P.B. (guitars, vocals)
        John Greaves (bass, keyboards on 8 & 9)
        Chris Cutler (drums, etc.)
        Kristoffer Blegvad (lead guitars and vocals on 1 & 5)
        B.J. Cole (pedal steel on 5,6,9 & 12; lap steel on 15)
        Jakko Jakszyk (guitar on 2 & 14, massed “buzz” guitars on 7)
        Geraint Watkins (keyboards on 2, 10 & 12)
        Tim Hodgkinson (bass clarinet on 2, clarinet on 14)
        Phil Shaw (harmonica on 5 & 14)

    CD: 1995.10.17  US East Side Digital ESD 80942 (“eye” CD)
    CD: 1996        UK Recommended ЯēR PB2 (“bed” CD)
    CD: 1996        JP Locus Solus LSI 1001 (includes translations)
    DD: 2005?       US RER Megacorp (Apple iTunes) 52574708 (AAC)
    CD: 2018.07     UK ReR PB2 (remastered)
          3'06  Special Delivery
          3'57  That'll Be Him Now
          3'17  Daughter
          4'19  Something Else (Is Working Harder)
          4'41  Meet the Rain
          3'40  Waste of Time
          3'12  Bee Dream
          3'02  Just Woke Up
          4'22  In Hell's Despite
          2'18  Best Thing
          3'44  Mad Love Vanishes
          3'14  Driver's Seat
          3'02  You & Me
          3'35  Incinerator
          1'57  Stink

Peter Blegvad
Wake Up to Peter Blegvad

        Some content previously released on Peter Who?.

    CD: 1995        US East Side Digital ESDUNWAXED6ADV (promo, p/s, no j/b)
          0'16  [alarm clock]
          1'19  [Peter Blegvad jingle / about Peter Blegvad]
          2'31  [rain on the skylight]
          3'02  Just Woke Up
          0'21  [what does Peter Blegvad eat for breakfast?]
          3'17  Daughter
          3'05  Special Delivery
          0'15  [Peter Blegvad jingle]

Peter Blegvad
King Strut

1992 October?
        “Shirt and Comb” recorded live at St. Ann's, Brooklyn, N.Y., 14
        March 1992.  Die-cut SOL s/s.

    7": 1992.10?    US SOL (Singles Only Label) SOL-233-7 (promo)
    7": 1992.10?    US SOL (Singles Only Label) SOL-233-7 (red vinyl)
          5'06  King Strut
          4'19  Shirt and Comb (live)

Peter Blegvad

1990 October
    C5: 1990.10.29  UK Silvertone ORE DJ CD 23 (promo)
          3'40  Meantime
          3'58  King Strut (edit)
          5'06  King Strut

    7": 1990.10.29  UK Silvertone ORE DJ 23 (promo)
          3'40  Meantime
          3'58  King Strut (edit)

Peter Blegvad
Peter Who?

        Promotional CD includes excerpts and alternate mixes from King
        Strut & Other Stories, “how to pronounce Blegvad”, “biographies,
        real & imagined”, “excerpts from intimate diaries”,
        “interviews”, “live music”, and more.

        Assembled and performed by Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge.

        One track, 36 indexes (start times given below).

    C5: 1990        UK Silvertone ORE PB1
         41'45  Peter Who?
            0'00  [it was early spring]
            1'54  [Peter Blegvad jingle]
            2'07  [Blegvad is an old danish name]
            2'58  [Peter Blegvad jingle]
            3'14  [rain on the skylight]
            5'44  [what does Peter Blegvad eat for breakfast?]
            6'01  Meantime (album version)
           10'06  [your first musical memory]
           12'03  [Name?  Peter Blegvad]
           12'46  [what will you do . . .]
           13'19  [interview: Chicken]
           13'51  Chicken (excerpt)
           15'54  [I love bad salads]
           16'14  Shirt & Comb (excerpt)
           17'48  [June 1990]
           19'42  [interview: Not Weak Enough]
           20'32  Not Weak Enough (excerpt)
           21'09  [and then he asked me]
           23'09  [Peter Blegvad jingle]
           23'22  [life might not be understandable]
           26'02  Real Slap in the Face (excerpt)
           26'40  Real Slap in the Face (live excerpt)
           27'50  [i was opening for a big rock group]
           28'58  [interview: On Obsession]
           29'39  On Obsession (excerpt)
           30'16  [Slapp Happy?]
           30'43  [Peter Blegvad jingle]
           30'56  [The Golden Palominos?]
           31'21  [interview: Swim]
           31'43  Swim (excerpt)
           33'07  [why?]
           33'35  King Strut (demo excerpt with Andy Partridge)
           34'23  King Strut (2nd demo excerpt with Andy Partridge)
           35'21  King Strut (demo excerpt with Anthony Moore)
           35'54  King Strut (album version excerpt)
           36'19  King Strut (Reprise)

Peter Blegvad
King Strut & Other Stories

1990 July
        Peter Blegvad (vocal, guitars, harmonica)
        Kristoffer Blegvad (guitars, backing vocals)
        Peter Holsapple (bass, vocals, mandolin, keyboards,
                accordion, guitars)
        Neil Wilkinson (drums)
        Syd Straw (backing vocals)
        Chris Stamey (guitar, keyboards, percussion)
        Phil Shaw (harmonica)
        Danny Thompson (string bass)
        B. J. Cole (pedal steel)
        Pino Palladino (bass)
        Tony Conniff (bass)
        Larry Saltzman (guitar)
        Anton Fier (drums)
        Michael Blair (percussion)
        Guy Parker (trumpet)
        Richard Lee (string bass)
        Andy Partridge (backing vocals, keyboards, guitars, rhythm
        James MacMillan (bass)
        Alan Bezozi (drums)

    LP: 1990.07     UK Silvertone ORE LP 511
    CT: 1990.07     UK Silvertone ORE C 511
    CD: 1990.07     UK Silvertone ORE CD 511
    CD: 1990.11.28  JP Silvertone (Alfa) ALCB-153 (illustrated lyrics booklet)
    LP: 1990        DE Silvertone ZL74731
    CD: 1990        DE Silvertone ZD74731
    CD: 2002.11.18  UK Whatever (Voiceprint) WHAT9CD (reissue)
    CD: 2002.11.25  JP Voiceprint VPJ 237 (reissue)
          5'06  King Strut
          4'50  Gold
          3'40  Meantime
          3'12  On Obsession
          3'05  Not Weak Enough
          4'59  Swim
          4'06  Northern Lights
          3'35  Chicken
          3'55  Real Slap In The Face
          4'20  Shirt & Comb
          3'38  Stranger To Myself
          5'25  King Strut (Reprise)

Peter Blegvad

        Peter Blegvad (guitars, jew's harp, harmonica, vocal, bass)
        Kristoffer Blegvad (bottleneck guitar, vocals)
        John Greaves (bass, keyboards, piano)
        Chris Cutler (drums, etc.)
        Phil Shaw (backing vocals, guitars, harmonica)
        Jakko Jakszyk (guitars, backing vox)
        Tony Maimone (bass)
        Mick Hobbs (bass)
        Anthony Moore (synth)
        Andy Ward (bells)

    LP: 1988        UK Recommended ЯēR 34
    CD: 2018.07     UK ReR PB1 (remastered)
          4'14  Model of Kindness
          4'03  Not Weak Enough
          2'42  Card To Bernard
          2'46  White {Greaves/Blegvad}
          4'38  Strong, Simple Silences {Blegvad/Fier}
          SIDE TWO:
          3'49  When the Work Was New
          3'32  Animated Doll
          1'45  I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby
          2'57  Bared Bard
          4'45  Lying Again
          3'36  Crumb de la Crumb

    CD: 1996.10.08  US East Side Digital ESD 81192 (reissue, “broken clock”
          [as ЯēR 34 plus bonus tracks:]
          2'45  Actual Frenzy {Greaves/Blegvad}
          2'42  (The Ballad of) The Green Boy
          4'01  Say No Now

    CD: 1990        UK Recommended ЯēR PBCD (photocopied note lists extra
    CD: 1996?       UK Recommended ЯēR PBCD (ЯēR PBCD1, “crackle” CD)
    CD: 1998        JP Locus Solus LSI 2032 (includes translations)
    DD: 2005        US RER Megacorp (Apple iTunes) 56461208 (AAC)
          [as ESD 81192 plus bonus tracks:]
          4'49  The Wife of Usher's Well (live)
          3'30  Live Crumb (live)

Peter Blegvad
Special Delivery

    7": 1985        UK Virgin VS 798
                Special Delivery
                Meet the Rain

   12": 1985        UK Virgin VS 798-12
                Special Delivery
                Meet the Rain

   12": 1985        CA Virgin VDJ016 (promo, no p/s)
                Special Delivery
                Pretty U Ugly I

Peter Blegvad
Pretty U Ugly I

1985 August
    7": 1985.08     UK Virgin VS 753
    7": 1984        FR Virgin 90112
                Pretty U Ugly I (edit)
          3'11  Major Minor

   12": 1985.08     UK Virgin VS 753-12
                Pretty U Ugly I
                How Beautiful You Are
          3'11  Major Minor

Peter Blegvad
Knights Like This

        Peter Blegvad (vocals, guitars, Casio, backing vocals)
        Kristoffer Blegvad (guitars, backing vocals)
        Jakko M. Jakszyk (guitars)
        Guy Evans (drums, percussion)
        Keith Wilkinson (bass)
        David Lord (keyboards, Linn drum)
        Glenn Tilbrook (guitars)
        Phil Harrison (keyboards, piano)
        Gary Barnacle (saxophone)
        Stuart Gordon (strings)
        Manny Elias (drums, percussion)
        John Greaves (bass, bass keys)
        Glenn Tommey (Linn drum)

    LP: 1985        UK Virgin V 2352
    CT: 1985        UK Virgin TVC 2352
    LP: 1985        CA Virgin VM 2337
    LP: 1985        FR Virgin 70384
    LP: 1989?       UK Virgin OVED 188 (reissue)
    CD: 1991.04?    UK Virgin CDV 2352 (reissue)
          4'05  Special Delivery
          3'36  Face Off
          4'14  Let Him Go
          4'59  The Incinerator
          4'29  Pretty U Ugly I {K. Blegvad}
          3'47  Always Be New To Me {Blegvad/Greaves}
          4'15  Last Man
          5'47  Meet The Rain
          4'57  The Wooden Pyjamas
          4'50  Marlene

Peter Blegvad
How Beautiful You Are

1984 January
    7": 1984.01     UK Virgin VS 655
    7": 1984        NL Virgin 106 317
    7": 1984        FR Virgin 90112
          3'35  How Beautiful You Are
          2'19  Vermont

    7": 1983        FR Virgin SA 1094 (promo, no p/s)
          4'05  How Beautiful You Are {Blegvad/Greaves}
          3'01  Karen {Blegvad}

Peter Blegvad
The Naked Shakespeare

1983 October
        Peter Blegvad (vocals, guitars, percussion, piano, clarinet)
        Dave Stewart (keyboards, Linn & Simmons drums)
        John Greaves (keyboards, piano, bass)
        Jakko M. Jakszyk (guitars)
        Barbara Gaskin (backing vocals)
        Anton Fier (drums, Linn drums, brushes)
        Colin Moulding (bass)
        Andy Partridge (keyboards, turntables, guitars, Linn drums,
                backing vocals, percussion, mellotron, bass, Green Mountain
                High School Marching Band)
        David Lord (keyboards, piano, Green Mountain High School Marching
        Georgie Born (cello)
        Maggie Reilly (backing vocals)

    LP: 1983.10.10  UK Virgin V 2284
    LP: 1983        WG Virgin 205 751-320
    LP: 1983        FR Virgin 205 751.261
    LP: 1988        UK Virgin OVED 174 (reissue)
          4'06  How Beautiful You Are {Blegvad/Greaves}
          3'07  Weird Monkeys
          3'03  Naked Shakespeare
          3'23  Irma {Greaves/Blegvad}
          2'36  Like a Baby (an exploded pop song) {Greaves/Blegvad}
          2'49  Powers in the Air
          1'43  You Can't Miss It
          3'03  Karen
          2'19  Vermont
          3'32  Lonely Too
          4'24  Blue Eyed William
          6'11  First Blow Struck (Ode to Capok)

    CD: 1991.04?    UK Virgin CDV 2284 (887 182) (reissue)
          [as above plus bonus track:]
          3'11  Major Minor

Peter Blegvad

1983 September
    7": 1983.09.09  UK Virgin VS 630
          3'03  Karen
          3'33  Lonely Too

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