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Peter Blegvad Discography: Guest Appearances and Songwriting

        Only information for tracks and/or articles featuring or co-written
        by Peter Blegvad is included, unless otherwise indicated.

Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
Green and Blue

2009 March
        Peter Blegvad (narration)

    CD: 2009.03     UK Broken BRCDLP-05
                The Sweetwater Sea {Blegvad/Stewart}

The Golden Palominos
The Celluloid Collection

2006 March
  CDx2: 2006.03.13  UK Atom ATOM2043
          Disc 1:
                Angel Of Death
                Faithless Heart
          Disc 2:
                Brides Of Jesus
                I've Been The One
                The Push & The Shove
                (Something Else Is) Working Harder

In And Out Of Life

2005 April
        John Greaves (vocals)

    CD: 2005.04.11  UK Resurgence RES148CD
          4'28  How Beautiful You Are {Blegvad/Greaves}

John Greaves
Rééditions 2004

        Peter Blegvad performs on songs from Kew.Rhône..

    CD: 2004        FR Le Chant du Monde CDM 052 (promo)
          0'33  Good Evening {Blegvad/Greaves}
          4'09  Twenty-Two Proverbs {Blegvad/Greaves}
          3'32  Seven Scenes from the Painting {Blegvad/Greaves}
          3'06  Kew.Rhone. {Blegvad/Greaves}
          3'41  Pipeline {Blegvad/Greaves}
          5'29  The Song {Blegvad/Greaves}
          3'38  Swelling Valley {Blegvad/Greaves}
          5'26  Kew.Rhone. {Blegvad/Greaves}

Art Bears
The Art Box

2003 December
        “Coda to Man and Boy” recorded live at Cantu, Italy, during the
        Art Bears European tour 1980, other tracks from an unidentified live
        concert, probably Charleville, April 16, 1979.

        Peter Blegvad (bass)

  CDx6: 2003.12     UK Recommended ЯēR ábOX (box set)
          CD 6: (áb6):
                The Riddle
                First Things First
                March from The Dance
                The Hermit
                Coda to Man and Boy (live)

John Greaves, Sophia Domancich, Vincent Courtois
The Trouble with Happiness

2003 September
    CD: 2003.09.26  FR Le Chant du Monde 274 1199
    CD: 2003        FR Le Chant du Monde CDM 029 (promo, diff. p/s)
                How beautiful you are {Blegvad/Greaves}
                All Summer long {Blegvad/Greaves}

John Greaves
Little Bottle of Laundry/On The Street Where You Live
2 For One Series

2003 September
  CDx2: 2003.09.22  UK Voiceprint VP241002CD
          6'58  Solitary {Greaves/Blegvad}
          4'36  Le Garçon Vert {Greaves/Blegvad}

Tulips at Dawn
        Peter Blegvad (narrator)

  Beta: 2002        UK LUX ? (DigiBeta PAL)

Matthew Sweet
To Understand
The Early Recordings Of Matthew Sweet

2002 October
        Peter Blegvad (six- and twelve-string guitars)

    CD: 2002.10.01  US Hip-O/A&M 314 556 222-2
          5'05  The Golden Palominos: Something Becomes Nothing

The Golden Palominos
Run Pony Run
An Essential Collection

2002 June
    CD: 2002.06.04  US Varese 061205
                I've Been The One
                (Something Else Is) Working Harder
                Faithless Heart
                Brides Of Jesus

John Paul Jones
The Thunderthief

2002 February
        Peter Blegvad (cover art, words)

    CD: 2002.02.05  UK DGM DGM 0104 (digipak)
    CD: 2001.11.21  JP DGM (Pony Canyon) PCCY-01548
                Thunderthief {Blegvad/Jones}
                Ice Fishing at Night {Blegvad/Jones}

Pyle - Iung - Greaves
The Pig Part

2001 December
    CD: 2001.12.11  UK Voiceprint VP225CD
          4'10  Dead God Dog-Dingo {Blegvad/Pyle, Iung, Greaves, Casaÿs}

John Greaves
Loco Solo
Live in Tokyo

live album
    CD: 2001        JP Locus Solus LSR 004
                Photography {Greaves/Blegvad}
                The Bee Dream {Greaves/Blegvad}
                Always Be New to Me {Blegvad/Greaves}
                Kew. Rhône. {Blegvad/Greaves}
                22 International Proverbs {Greaves/Blegvad}
                How Beautiful You Are {Greaves/Blegvad}
                The Song {Greaves/Blegvad}

John Greaves
The Caretaker

    CD: 2001        UK Blueprint BP347CD
          3'31  In Hell's Despite {Blegvad/Partridge}
          5'07  One in the Eye {Blegvad/Greaves}
          4'46  He Puts Us Under {Blegvad/Greaves}

Golden Palominos
Surrealistic Surfer

2001 January
        Peter Blegvad (guitars)

    CD: 2001.01.30  UK Dressed to Kill ?
                Angel of Death
                Brides of Jesus
                Faithless Heart
                I've Been the One
                Something Becomes Nothing

Tom Robinson
Home From Home
Double Album: Live in Europe and Japan

        Recorded at Tom Robinson's New Year party for Castaway Club members
        in Europe, at: WETTEREN Zaal Nova (January 1998).

        Peter Blegvad (additional acoustic guitar - special guest at

  CDx2: 1999        BE Oyster OYS 0017-2
    DD: 2005?       UK Tom Robinson ? (MP3)

Tom Robinson
Castaway Club Volume 7

        Peter Blegvad (guitar)

    CD: 1999        UK Castaway Club CCCDV7 (promo, no p/s, photocopied b/i
                        and booklet)
          5'29  Power in the Darkness (live 1998)
          3'18  The End of the Rainbow

The Golden Palominos
The Best of the Golden Palominos 1983-1989

1997 October
        Peter Blegvad (guitars)

    CD: 1997.10.06  UK Music Club MCCD316
                Angels Of Death
                Strong Simple Silences
                Something Else Is Working Harder

National Health
Missing Pieces

        Peter Blegvad (guest R & B howling)

    CD: 1996?       UK Voiceprint VP113
    CD: 1996        US East Side Digital 81172
          0'25  Walking The Dog (extract) (live '79)

John Greaves

        Peter Blegvad (wordsmith)
        Kristoffer Blegvad (vocals on [1])

    CD: 1996        UK Resurgence (Voiceprint) RES112CD
    CD: 1996        JP Toy's Factory ?
    CD: 2004.09.24  FR Le Chant Du Monde 274 1198 (reissue, includes bonus
                The song {Greaves/Blegvad}
                Swelling valley {Greaves/Blegvad}                  [1]
                Kew. Rhône. {Greaves/Blegvad}
                Silence {Greaves/Blegvad}                          [1]
                The price we pay                                   [1]
                Gegenstand {Greaves/Blegvad}

Are My Ears On Wrong?

        Peter Blegvad on the phone from his sick bed in Shepherds Bush.

    CD: 1996        UK Resurgence (Voiceprint) RES110CD
    CD: 1996?       JP ?
    DD: 2008?       US Resurgence (Apple iTunes) 210587745 (AAC)
          5'08  A Grown Man Immersed in Tin Tin {Blegvad/Jakszyk}

The Golden Palominos
a history (1986-1989)

1992 July
        Peter Blegvad plays acoustic and/or electric guitar on all but two
        tracks, has co-author credit on four, and sings on [1].

    CD: 1992.07     US Metrotone (Restless) 7 72652-2
    CD: 1992.07?    UK Mau Mau (Demon) MAU CD 626
          3'18  I've Been The One
          5'08  Something Becomes Nothing
          4'27  The Push and the Shove
          5'19  (Something Else) Is Working Harder
          5'01  Angels
          4'40  Diamond
          4'04  Faithless Heart
          4'08  Work Was New                                       [1]
          4'19  Strong, Simple Silences

Art Bears
Hopes and Fears

        This track recorded live at Cantu, Italy, during the Art Bears
        European tour 1980.

        Peter Blegvad (bass guitar)

    CD: 1992        UK ЯēR Megacorp ЯēR abCD2 (reissue)
                Coda to Man and Boy (live)

John Greaves
La Petite Bouteille de Linge

    CD: 1991        FR La Lichère CD LLL 117
          6'58  Solitary {Greaves/Blegvad}
          4'36  Le Garçon Vert {Greaves/Blegvad}

Little Bottle of Laundry
        Peter Blegvad (cover art, words)

    CD: 1997.01.27? UK Blueprint (Voiceprint) BP232CD (reissue)
          6'58  Solitary {Greaves/Blegvad}
          4'36  Le Garçon Vert {Greaves/Blegvad}

The Golden Palominos
The Golden Palominos

    C5: 1991        US Oceana/Celluloid 4183-2QJC (promo)
                Something Becomes Nothing

The Golden Palominos
Thundering Herd
The Best of the Golden Palominos

        Peter Blegvad (guitars, vocals on [1])

  CDx2: 1990        US Oceana/Celluloid (BMG) 4105-2-Q
          4'58  Angels
          4'30  Diamond
          3'25  Brides of Jesus
          4'15  Strong, Simple Silences
          4'00  Work Was New                                       [1]
          3'17  I've Been the One
          4'54  Something Becomes Nothing
          5'10  (Something Else) Is Working Harder

National Health

        Peter Blegvad (voice)

  CDx2: 1990        US East Side Digital ESD 80402/412
         11'30  Squarer for Maud

Michael Penn

        Peter Blegvad (background vocals, masonic handshakes)

    LP: 1989        UK BMG ?
    CD: 1989        US RCA (BMG) 9692-2-R
    CT: 1989        US RCA ?
    CD: 2001        US RCA 07863 68099 2 (reissue)
          3'54  Evenfall

Syd Straw
Future 40's

        Peter Blegvad (acoustic 12-string guitar)

   12": 1989        UK Virgin America VUST 6
    C3: 1989        UK Virgin America VUSCD 6 (p/b p/s)
    7": 1989        AU Virgin America VUS 6
    CD: 1989        US Virgin America PRCD 2788 (promo)
          4'30  Future 40's (String of Pearls)

Syd Straw

1989 June
        Peter Blegvad (acoustic guitar on [1,4], acoustic 12 string
                guitar on [2,3], co-writer on [3,4])

    LP: 1989.06     UK Virgin America VUSLP6
    CT: 1989.06     UK Virgin America VUSMC6
    CD: 1989.06     UK Virgin America CDVUS6
    CD: 1989.06?    US Virgin America PD0CDSYD
    LP: 1989.06     US Virgin 7 91266-1
    CD: 1989.06     US Virgin America 91266-2
    CT: 1989.06     US Virgin America 91266-4?
    CT: 1989        CA Virgin America VL4-3070
    LP: 1989        AU Virgin America VUSLP6
    CD: 1989        JP Virgin VJD-32242 (promo)
    CD: 2000.03.14  US Koch KOC-CD-8038 (reissue)
          4'22  Heart of Darkness                                  [1]
          4'34  Future 40's (String of Pearls)                     [2]
          5'13  The Unanswered Question?                           [3]
          6'14  Sphinx                                             [4]


        Peter Blegvad (vocals)

    CD: 1988        US Antilles/New Directions 7 91026-2
    CD: 1996?       UK Resurgence RES117
          5'45  A Grown Man Immersed in Tin Tin {Jakszyk/Blegvad}

Victoria Williams
Happy Come Home

        Peter Blegvad (musician)

    LP: 1987        WG Geffen 924 140-1
    CD: 1993.12.07  US Geffen GEFD-24140 (reissue)
          2'56  Shoes
          3'30  Frying Pan
          4'23  Merry Go Round
          0'55  Happy
          3'50  TC
          5'06  I'll Do His Will
          3'33  Big Fish
          2'58  Animal Wild
          2'57  Main Road
          1'42  Lights
          2'51  Opelousas
          4'43  Statue of a Bum
          1'17  Poetry

John Greaves
How Beautiful You Are

    7": 1984        FR Europa JPS 2 (no p/s)
          4'30  How Beautiful You Are {Blegvad/Greaves}
          2'15  The Bee Dream {Blegvad/Greaves}
          3'50  Always Be New To Me {Blegvad/Greaves}

John Greaves
Parrot Fashions

        Peter Blegvad wrote the lyrics.
        Kristoffer Blegvad (backing vocals)

    LP: 1984        FR Europa JP 2016
    CD: 1998.11.24  UK Blueprint BP233CD (reissue, remix)
  CDx2: 2003        UK Voiceprint VP241016CD (remixed, with Accident)
    CD: 2004.09.24? FR Le Chant Du Monde ? (reissue)
          4'25  Always be new to me {Blegvad/Greaves}
          4'45  How beautiful you are {Blegvad/Greaves}
          3'36  The Bee Dream {Blegvad/Greaves}
          4'43  Bad Alchemy {Blegvad/Greaves}
          5'08  Swelling Valley {Blegvad/Greaves}
          4'49  Jaloozy {Blegvad/Greaves}

Who's Fooling Who

        Peter Blegvad (voice on telephone)

    7": 1984        UK Stiff BUY 198
   12": 1984        UK Stiff BUY 198?
                A grown man immersed in Tin-Tin {Blegvad/Jakko}

Michael Zentner
Present Time

        Peter Blegvad (member of chorus)

    LP: 1983        US Red VR 22615 (MZ 1?)
    LP: 1983        NL CBS VR22615
    CD: 1993        US Ozone (Dutch East India) OZ006-2 (reissue)
                The Search

John Zorn
Locus Solus

        Peter Blegvad (vocals and lyrics)

  LPx2: 1983        US Rift Rift 007
    CD: 1991        JP Eva (Wave) WWCX 2035 (reissue)
    CD: 1995.09.19  US Tzadik 7303 (reissue)
          2'51  The Bass and the Treble
          1'30  The Acquisition and Control of Fire
          2'30  Honey-cab
          2'06  Switch
          2'07  Juan Talks it Out of his System
          2'00  The Wish
          1'53  A Case Arose
          1'37  The Elf

John Greaves

        Cover art and lyrics by Peter Blegvad.

    LP: 1982        US Europa JP2010
    LP: 1982        FR Europa 6313 408
    CD: 1997        UK Blueprint (Voiceprint) BP234CD (diff. p/s)
  CDx2: 2003        UK Voiceprint VP241016CD (with Parrot Fashions)
                Photography {Blegvad/Greaves}
                Irma {Blegvad/Greaves}
                Milk {Blegvad/Greaves}
                Accident {Blegvad/Greaves}
                Sad Emission {Blegvad/Greaves}
                Wax {Blegvad/Greaves}
                The Rose Sob {Blegvad/Greaves}
                Silence {Blegvad/Greaves}
                For Bearings {Blegvad/Greaves}

Art Bears
Coda to Man and Boy

        Recorded live at Cantu, N. Italy on cassette deck & 2 mics, 30.5.79,
        during the Art Bears European tour 1980, included free with
        subscription copies of the The World As It Is Today LP.

        The 1982 reissue was only released as part of
        16 Dance Party Smash Hits and was not available separately.

        Peter Blegvad (bass guitar)

    7": 1981        UK Rê Rê +h
    7": 1982        UK Rê Rê +h (reissue)
                Coda to Man and Boy

A. More
Flying Doesn't Help

    LP: 1979        UK Quango HMG 98
    CD: 1994        UK Voiceprint VP 177 CD
          4'23  War {Blegvad/Moore}

National Health
Of Queues And Cures

        Peter Blegvad (voice)

    LP: 1978        UK Charly (Pye) CRL 5010
    CD: 1989.07     JP Charly (Century) 29ED6031 (reissue)
    CD: 1996?       FR SPALAX SPALAX CD 14830
         11'30  Squarer for Maud

Anthony Moore

        Peter Blegvad (acoustic guitar)

    LP: 1976        UK Virgin V2057 (not released)
    CD: 1997        UK Voiceprint VP165CD (diff. p/s)
          3'10  Johnny's Dead {Blegvad/Moore}

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