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Peter Blegvad Discography: Major Collaborations

        Works in which Peter Blegvad is a member of the band or is
        otherwise a main contributor.

Bob Drake
The Great Escape

2013 January
        Peter Blegvad: guitars, vocals
        Bob Drake: drums, bass, slide guitar, noise

    DD: 2013.01     US Soundcloud ? (FLAC)
          4'00  The Great Escape {Blegvad}

Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge

2012 October
        Peter Blegvad, Andy Partridge and Stuart Rowe.

    CD: 2012.10.22  UK Ape House APECD046 (a/g ltd. ed. box set of 2,000)
    CD: 2012.10.22  UK Ape House (EMI) APECD046
    DD: 2012.10.22  UK Ape House (EMI) APECD046 (MP3)
                The Devil's Lexicon
                Sacred Objects
                Looking At The Sun
                St. Augustine Says
                The Cryonic Trombone
                The Impeccable Dandy In White
                What A Car You Are
                The Dope On Perlman
                From Germ To Gem
                Worse On The Way

Slapp Happy
John Peel Session
25th June 1974

2010 August
    DD: 2010.08.01  UK Virgin (Apple iTunes) 346147888 (AAC)
          3'04  Europa
          3'16  War Is Energy Enslaved
          3'22  Me and Parvati

Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge
Orpheus — The Lowdown

mini album
2003 November
        Poetry and soundscapes.

        Peter Blegvad (voices, instruments)
        Andy Partridge (instruments, voices)
        Ralph Salmins (drums on 2, 6, 11 & 12)
        Erica Wexler (choral voices on 10)

    CD: 2003.11.19  JP Pony Canyon PCCY-01676 (thick j/b)
    CD: 2004.02.23  UK Ape House APECD005 (A5 package)
    DD: 2005        US Ape House (Apple iTunes) 102279543 (AAC)
    CD: 2007.04.03  US Ape House APECD 005
    DD: 2007?       UK Ape House 05 (MP3)
         13'21  Savannah
          1'33  Brown-Out On Olympus
          4'32  The Blimp Poet
          2'02  Night Of The Comet
          0'51  Necessary Shadows (George Steiner)
          2'24  Galveston
          2'29  Beetle
          1'22  Heartcall
          7'07  Noun Verbs
          2'18  Eurydice (after Rilke)
          1'11  Divine Blood
          3'33  Steel Bed

Slapp Happy
Live in Japan — May, 2000

live album
        All tracks recorded at one or another of these venues: Star Pines
        Cafe, Tokyo; Bessie Hall, Sapporo; Seibu Auditorium, Kyoto.

        Subscribers also received the free bonus single of Coralie.

    CD: 2001        JP F.M.N. Sound Factory FMC-021
          3'17  King of Straw {Blegvad/Gregson}
          3'52  Slow Moon's Rose {Moore}
          2'47  Michelangelo {Moore/Blegvad}
          2'00  Riding Tigers {Blegvad}
          3'23  Small Hands Of Stone {Moore/Blegvad}
          3'58  Haiku {Moore/Blegvad}
          5'26  Is it You? {Krause/Moore}
          3'05  Casablanca Moon {Moore/Blegvad}
          2'52  Moon Lovers {Krause/Latham}
          2'13  Strayed {Blegvad}
          3'51  A Little Something {Blegvad}
          3'49  I'm All Alone {Moore}
          2'50  The Unborn Byron {Blegvad/Moore}
          3'37  Scarred for Life {Blegvad}
          3'16  Who's Gonna Help Me Now? {Moore/Blegvad}
          4'54  Let's Travel Light {Blegvad}

Slapp Happy

        Free bonus CD Single for subscribers to Live in Japan — May 2000.

    C3: 2001        JP FMN Sound Factory FSC-0212 (promo)
          5'24  Coralie

Dagmar Krause · Anthony Moore · Peter Blegvad

        Dagmar Krause (Melusina)
        Anthony Moore (music)
        Peter Blegvad (words)

    CD: 2000        UK Blueprint BP332CD
    CD: 2000.04.25  JP Voiceprint Japan VPJ 142
          [29 tracks, untitled]

Slapp Happy
Ça Va

1998 April
        Dagmar Krause (vocals, piano on [1])
        Anthony Moore (keyboards, programming, guitars, saz, toy theremin,
                percussion, melodica, vocals, lead vocals on [2])
        Peter Blegvad (guitars, bass, percussion, vocals, lead vocals on [3])

    CD: 1998.04.27? UK V2 VVR1001662 (707.0046.2)
    LP: 1998.04.27? UK V2 VVR 1001661
    CD: 1998.05?    US V2 ?
    CD: 2005?       UK Voiceprint VP1610 (reissue)
                Scarred For Life
                Moon Lovers
                Child Then
                Is It You?                                         [1]
                King of Straw
                Powerful Stuff                                     [3]
                A Different Lie
                Coralie                                            [2]
                Silent the Voice
                Working at the Ministry
                The Unborn Byron
                Let's Travel Light

    CD: 1998.10.21  JP V2 V2CI-0021 (includes translations, additional insert)
          [as above plus bonus track:]
                Hello Dagi

Peter Blegvad & John Greaves

1995 February
        Most of the texts are included from Headcheese by Peter Blegvad.

        Peter Blegvad (voice, guitar, psalter, music boxes, harmonica)
        John Greaves (bass, synths, recorders, voice, talking drum, tapes)
        Marie-Rose Lefèvre (translation and additional voice on

    CD: 1995.02     US sub rosa sr75
          2'53  Bottle
          7'24  The Gynæcologist
          3'16  New Liquid
          5'01  Linh-Le
          3'42  The Only Song
          3'43  Hardware
          3'58  Children
          5'46  Christmas Past
          2'00  Handkerchief
          5'57  Dog With a Conscience
          2'37  Black Dog

    CD: 2000.09?    UK Voiceprint 231E47ST102 (reissue, new artwork)
          [as above]

Slapp Happy
Casablanca Moon / Desperate Straights

    CD: 1993        UK Virgin CDOVD 441 (7243 8 39174 2 6)
    CD: 2000        RU Vitakom CCP 145/2000 (pirate, diff. p/s)
    CD: 2000.05.26  JP Locus Solus LSI 2041 (includes translations)
          Casablanca Moon:
                Casablanca Moon
                Me and Parvati
                Half Way There
                Mr Rainbow
                The Secret
                A Little Something
                The Drum
                Slow Moon's Rose
          Desperate Straights:
                Some Questions About Hats
                The Owl
                A Worm is at Work
                Bad Alchemy
                Desperate Straights
                Riding Tigers
                Apes in Capes
                Extract from The Messiah
                In the Sickbay
                Caucasian Lullaby

Dr. Huelsenbecks Mentale Heilmethode

        Music by Peter Blegvad and John Greaves.  Source text by Richard
        Huelsenbeck.  Text by Herbert Kapfer and Regina Moths.  Recorded
        February/March 1992 at Down-town Studio and Bayerischer Rundfunk,

        Peter Blegvad (voice, guitars, harmonica)
        Roman Bunka (samples)
        Holger Czukay (voice)
        Raymond Federman (voice)
        John Greaves (piano, keyboards, bass)
        Richard Huelsenbeck (voice)
        Herbert Kapfer (producer)
        Regina Moths (producer)
        Hans Richter (voice)
        Jon Sass (tuba)
        Stefan Schwerdtfeger (voice)
        Ulrich Ullman (mix)

    LP: 1992        DE Rough Trade RTD 197.1341.1?
          1'38  ready-tape 57
          5'53  wir machen die liebe nach neuer art
          7'17  militärische novelle
          6'14  rotglühende bratpfannen
          6'26  röhrenhose rokoko-neger-rhythmus
          3'27  lieber hasemann
          0'44  ready-tape 65
          7'30  natürlich ist das schiff voller deutscher spione
          4'25  existentialisten
          3'36  hottentotten-kral new york
          5'09  i really was in a state of malaise
          4'28  a dadaist hippie

    CD: 1992        DE Rough Trade RTD 197.1341.2
          [as above plus bonus tracks:]
          1'40  ende der welt
          3'56  end of the world

The Lodge
Smell of a Friend

        John Greaves (keyboards, bass, vocals)
        Peter Blegvad (guitar, vocals)
        Kristoffer Blegvad (lead vocals)
        Jakko Jakszyk (guitars, flute, vocals)
        Anton Fier (drums)

    LP: 1988        US Antilles/New Directions (Island) ISL-1176
    LP: 1988?       CA Antilles (Island) ISL 1176 (1984?)
    CD: 1988?       US Antilles/New Directions (Island) 90691-2 (ANCD 8711)
    CD: 1988.06.25  JP Polystar/Antilles/New Directions (Island) P33D-28012
          4'19  Solitary
          4'52  The Song
          5'34  Not All Fathers
          7'14  Smell of a Friend
          6'12  Match Girl
          3'34  Swelling Valley
          3'06  Old Man's Mood
          4'52  Milk

    CD: 1999.05.11  UK Resurgence (Voiceprint) RES122 (reissue, diff. p/s)
          [as above plus bonus track:]
          0'39  Not All Fathers (reprise)

Golden Palominos
Blast of Silence

        Peter Blegvad plays acoustic and/or electric guitar on all but two
        tracks, has co-author credit on four, and sings on [1].

    LP: 1986        US Celluloid CELL6127
    CT: 1986        US Celluloid CELC 6127
    CD: 1986?       US Celluloid CEL N. Y. 6127 D
    CD: 1992.06.21  JP J!mco JICK-89057
    CD: 1997        PT Movie Play Gold 74051 (diff. p/s)
    CD: 1997        DE Charly CPCD 8225
          3'18  I've Been The One
          5'08  Something Becomes Nothing
          4'27  The Push and the Shove
          5'19  (Something Else) Is Working Harder
          5'01  Angels
          4'40  Diamond
          4'04  Faithless Heart
          4'08  Work Was New                                       [1]
          4'19  Strong, Simple Silences
          3'34  Brides of Jesus

Slapp Happy
Everybody's Slimmin' / Even Men & Women

1983 May
    7": 1983.05     UK Half-Cat HC 001
                Everybody's Slimmin' (Even Men and Women)
          3'32  Blue-Eyed William

Slapp Happy
Acnalbasac Noom

        Retitled reissue of Slapp Happy or Slapphappy.

    LP: 1982        UK Recommended R.R. five (reissue)
          2'57  Casablanca Moon
          3'25  Me & Paravati
          3'45  Mr. Rainbow {Blegvad}
          2'34  Michelangelo
          3'45  The Drum
          3'15  A Little Something {Blegvad}
          3'20  The Secret
          3'30  Dawn
          3'02  Half-Way There {Blegvad}
          2'18  Charlie 'n Charlie
          3'06  Slow Moon's Rose {Moore}

    CD: 1991.02?    US Recommended (Cuneiform) ЯēR SHCD (reissue)
    CD: 1991        JP Locus Solus LSI 2031 (includes translations)
    CD: 2000        RU Vitakom CCP 145/2000 (pirate)
    CD: 2005.05.18  JP Disc Union/Recommended LSI2531 (p/b p/s)
    CD: 2005.09.05? UK Recommended ЯēR SHCD (reissue, remaster)
    DD: 2005?       US RER Megacorp (Apple iTunes) 76078944 (AAC)
          [as above plus bonus tracks:]
          4'07  Everybody's Slimmin'
          3'32  Blue Eyed William (demo) {Blegvad}
          3'16  Karen (demo) {Blegvad}
          2'07  Messages {Krause}

Slapp Happy

1981 February
        Included as free single with the initial pressing of the Recommended
        Records reissue of Sort Of.  Recorded in 1974 as a demo for
        Desperate Straights by Peter Blegvad and Anthony Moore.  Includes
        insert with credits and a warning to NEVER attempt to play the
        B-side, which is etched with grape clusters and leaves.

    7": 1981.02     UK Recommended RR 5.75
    C3: 2015?       UK RéR ALCOHOL? (reissue, ltd. ed.)

Slapp Happy
Slapp Happy or Slapphappy

        Recorded in 1973 for Virgin Records UK, but not released until 1980
        by Recommended Records UK.

        Dagmar (vocals)
        Anthony Moore (guitar, keyboards)
        Peter Blegvad (guitar, vocals)
        backing by Faust:
        Jean Hervé Peron (bass)
        Zappa Diermaier (drums)
        Gunther Wüstoff (sax)

        All songs written by Blegvad/Moore unless otherwise indicated.

    LP: 1980        UK Recommended R.R.^ five (includes lyrics insert)
          2'57  Casablanca Moon
          3'25  Me & Paravati
          3'45  Mr. Rainbow {Blegvad}
          2'34  Michelangelo
          3'45  The Drum
          3'15  A Little Something {Blegvad}
          3'20  The Secret
          3'30  Dawn
          3'02  Half-Way There {Blegvad}
          2'18  Charlie 'n Charlie
          3'06  Slow Moon's Rose {Moore}

John Greaves Peter Blegvad Lisa Herman

1977 March
        Music by John Greaves.  Lyrics by Peter Blegvad.

        John Greaves (piano, organ, bass, vocals, percussion on [1])
        Peter Blegvad (vocals, guitars, tenor sax on [2])
        Lisa Herman (vocals)
        Andrew Cyrille (drums, percussion)
        Mike Mantler (trumpet, trombone)
        Carla Bley (vocals, tenor sax on [1,3])
        Michael Levine (violin, viola, vocals on [4])
        Vito Rendace (alto & tenor saxes, flute)
        April Lang (vocals on [2,5])
        Dana Johnson (vocals on [6])
        Boris Kinberg (clave on [2])

    LP: 1977.03     UK Virgin V 2082
    LP: 1977.03     US Europa JP2004
    LP: 1981.06.05  JP Virgin/Victor VIP-4098 (ltd. ed.)
    LP: 1988?       UK Virgin OVED 171 (reissue)
    CD: 1991.04?    UK Virgin CDV 2082 (reissue)
    DD: 2006?       US Voiceprint (Apple iTunes) 202961606 (AAC)
          0'33  Good Evening                                       [3]
          4'06  Twenty Two Proverbs                                [6]
          3'32  Seven Scenes from the painting “Exhuming The
                        First American Mastodon” by C. W. Peale
          3'04  Kew.Rhone.
          3'39  Pipeline                                           [2]
          3'35  Catalogue of Fifteen Objects and their Titles
          1'29  One Footnote (to Kew. Rhone.)                      [1]
          4'06  Three Tenses Onanism                               [5]
          5'51  Nine Mineral Emblems                               [4]
          3'04  Apricot
          3'44  Gegenstand

        Enhanced CD includes Kew.Rom., an interactive multimedia

    CD: 1998.05.25  JP Voiceprint Japan VJP 071
    CD: 1998.06.01  UK Voiceprint VP200CD (reissue, “black” p/s, enhanced)
          [as above plus bonus track:]

    CD: 2004.09.24  FR Le Chant Du Monde 274 1197 (reissue)
    CD: 2004.12.10  JP Disk Union/Le Chant Du Monde LDX 274 1197 (p/b p/s)
          [as V 2082 plus bonus tracks:]
                Lisa, Peter & John practice Bad Alchemy... (demo)
                ...and almost get it right (demo)

Henry Cow
In Praise of Learning

        Peter Blegvad (voice and clarinet on [1], guitar on [2])

    LP: 1975        UK Virgin V 2027
    LP: 1979        US Red RED 003 (reissue)
    LP: 1980?       JP Virgin/Victor VIP-4049
    LP: 1986        UK Broadcast BC 3
    CD: 2000.06.20  US East Side Digital ? (reissue)
    CD: 2000        UK Recommended ЯēR HC3 (reissue, diff. p/s)
          2'23  War {Moore/Blegvad}                                [1]
         15'28  Living In The Heart Of The Beast {Hodgkinson}      [2]
          6'24  Beginning: The Long March {H. Cow/S. Happy}        [2]
          7'00  Beautiful As The Moon — Terrible As An Army With Banners
          6'03  Morning Star {H. Cow/S. Happy}

    CD: 1991.05.21  US East Side Digital ESD 80502 (reissue, remixed in 1986)
          [as above plus bonus track:]
          6'28  Lovers of Gold {H. Cow/S. Happy/Cutler}

Slapp Happy featuring Anthony Moore
Johnny's Dead

1975 July
        Anthony Moore (vocals, piano, celeste, string synthesiser, guitar)
        Peter Blegvad (guitar)
        Dave Wintour (bass)
        Eddie Sparrow (drums)
        Ruan O'Lochlainn (saxophone)
        Amanda Parsons (vocals)
        Lol Coxhill's Children (vocals)

    7": 1975.07.21  UK Virgin VS 124
          2'57  Johnny's Dead
          4'03  Mr. Rainbow (single version)

Slapp Happy / Henry Cow
Desperate Straights

1975 February
        Dagmar (voice, Wurlitzer on [1])
        Peter Blegvad (guitar, voice)
        Anthony Moore (piano)
        John Greaves (bass guitar, piano on [2])
        Chris Cutler (drums, etc.)
        Tim Hodgkinson (clarinet, piano on [3])
        Fred Frith (guitar, violin)
        Geoff Leigh (flute)
        Pierre Moerlen (percussion on [4])
        Muchsin Campbell (french horn)
        Mongezi Feza (trumpet)
        Nick Evans (trombone)
        Lindsay Cooper (oboe, bassoon)

    LP: 1975.02     UK Virgin V 2024 (includes booklet)
    LP: 1980.06.05  JP Virgin/Victor VIP-4071 (ltd. ed.)
    LP: 1982        UK Recommended RRA 12 (reissue, some copies include
                        poster with artwork by Peter Blegvad, 45 RPM)
    CD: 2004        UK RER HCSH1 (remaster)
    CD: 2004.06.23  JP Locus Solus LSI 2081 (includes translations)
    CD: 2004.08.06  JP Disk Union/Locus Solus RERHCSH1P (p/b p/s, includes
                        translations & booklet)
    DD: 2005?       US RER Megacorp (Apple iTunes) 52172184 (AAC)
    CD: 2005.11.29  JP IMS WAS-1066 (reissue)
          Side 1ne:
                Some Questions About Hats {Moore/Blegvad}
                The Owl {Moore}
          1'48  A Worm is at Work {Moore/Blegvad}
                Bad Alchemy {Greaves/Blegvad}                      [2]
                Europa {Moore/Blegvad}                             [4]
                Desperate Straights {Moore}
                Riding Tigers {Blegvad}
          Side 2wo:
                Apes in Capes {Moore}
                Strayed {Blegvad}
                Giants {Moore/Blegvad}
          1'45  excerpt from The Messiah {Handel/Blegvad}
                In the Sickbay {Krause/Blegvad}                    [1]
                Caucasian Lullaby {Cutler/Moore}                   [3]

Slapp Happy
Slapp Happy

1974 May
        Dagmar (lead vocals)
        Peter Blegvad (second vocal, [uncredited] guitar)
        Anthony Moore (keyboards)
        Marc Singer (drums)
        Dave Wintour (bass)
        Graham Preskett (violin, mandolin)
        Roger Wootton (backing vocal)
        Eddie Sparrow (drums, congas, percussion)
        Jean-Herve Peron (bass)
        Clare Deniz (cello)
        Nick Worters (double bass)
        Jeremy Baines (sausage bassoon)
        Andy Leggett (jugs)
        Clem Cattini (drums)
        Henry Lowther (trumpet)
        Geoff Leigh (saxophones)
        Kesave Sathe (tablas, tamboura)

    LP: 1974.05.17  UK Virgin V2014 (includes lyrics book)
    CT: 1974        UK Virgin TCV 2014
    LP: 1974        AU Virgin L35200
    LP: 1980.06.05  JP Virgin/Victor VIP-4068 (ltd. ed.)
    CD: 2005.03.29  JP IMS WAS-1020 (remaster, p/b p/s)
          Side 1:
                Casablanca Moon
                Me and Parvati
                Half Way There
                Mr. Rainbow
          Side 2:
                The Secret
                A Little Something
                The Drum
                Slow Moon's Rose

Slapp Happy
Casablanca Moon

1974 April
        Dagmar Krause (vocals)
        Peter Blegvad (guitar)
        Anthony Moore (keyboards)
        with help from:
        Marc Singer (drums)
        Dave Wintour (bass)
        Geoff Leigh (sax)

    7": 1974.04.03  UK Virgin VS105 (no p/s)
    7": 1974        WG Ariola 13 388 AT
          2'43  Casablanca Moon
          2'53  Slow Moon's Rose

Casablanca Moon
    7": 1974        FR Virgin Virgin 610.139
                Casablanca Moon
                Me & Pavarti

Slapp Happy
Sort Of

1972 Summer
        Dagmar Krause (voice)
        Anthony Moore (keyboards, guitar)
        Peter Blegvad (guitar, vocals)
        Backing by Faust

    LP: 1972.Q3     WG Polydor 2310 204
    LP: 1973.03     UK Polydor 2310 204
    LP: 1981.02     UK Recommended RR 5.5 (reissue, first pressing includes
                        Alcohol single RR 5.75)
    LP: 1983.12.21  JP Polydor 23MM-0240
                Just a Conversation
                Paradise Express
                I Got Evil
                Little Girl's World
                Mono Plane
                Blue Flower
                I'm All Alone
                Who's Gonna Help Me Now
                Small Hands of Stone
                Sort Of
                Heading for Kyoto

Sort Of
    CD: 1999.11.09? UK Blueprint BP318CD (reissue, new p/s)
    CD: 1999.10.25  JP Voiceprint VPJ-125 (reissue)
    CD: 2000.03.21  US Blueprint BP318CD (reissue, new p/s)
    DD: 2006?       US Blueprint (Apple iTunes) 124645810 (AAC)
          [as above plus bonus track:]
          3'03  Jumping Jonah

Slapp Happy
Just A Conversation

1972 March?
        Peter Blegvad
        Anthony Moore
        backed by Faust

    7": 1972.03?    DE Polydor 2001 300
          4'00  Just a Conversation
          3'03  Jumpin' Jonah

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