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Discography: Peter Blegvad

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This document is a discography (and selected bibliography) of:

        Peter Blegvad

Copyright © 1991-2018 by John Relph.


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Some information in this discography was taken from the following sources:
        the Art Control discography database (Malcolm Humes)
        the Fred Frith and Tim Hodgkinson ‘rock family tree’
        the Wonderland XTC discography (Shigemasa Fujimoto)
        the John Zorn discography (Patrice Roussel)
        the Dagmar Krause discography (Satoshi Nishihara)
        the Canterbury discography (Aymeric Leroy)

Special mention to Maurits Verhoeff for contributions above and beyond the
call of duty including the bulk of the bibliography and much more.

Special thanks to: (in alphabetical order)

        Manuel Da Achada, Alessandro Achilli, Paola Bertozzi, Craig Bishop,
        Ulrich Bomnüter, Ray Carmen, Alberto M. Castagna, Ron Chrisley,
        Patrick Cleasby, Dan Coffey, Martin Coles, Bob Crain, Chris Cutler,
        Rick Davies, Mitchell R. Dickerman, Peter Dyballa, Del Field,
        Mark Fisher, Mitch Friedman, Tyler Hewitt, Malcolm Humes,
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        Michel Ramond, Dan Regan, Olli-Pekka Rinta-Koski, Ken Schwartz,
        Thor & Cody, Dave Stewart, Donald X.
        Vaccarino, Keith Waclena, Timothy Walters, Kim Williams, Rob Worth.

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News and Information

The Sony Radio Academy Awards have chosen “Eartoons from The Verb” for a Silver award in the "Short Form" category. Static in the Attic is written and performed by Peter Blegvad, broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

The bibliography is an ongoing experiment. The criteria for deciding which publications featuring Mr. Blegvad's work are worth listing in this document are not completely clear.

Peter Blegvad is co-credited for original music in the 1998 made-for-TV film Mammamia. Apparently the director, Sandra Nettelbeck, is a fan, because Peter Blegvad's “Special Delivery” is used in the soundtrack for her 2001 film Belle Martha (English title Mostly Martha).

Peter Blegvad played in the movie Die Wiese der Sachen (1988) by Heinz Emigholz. The film was shot over a long period of time, from 1974-1987. Peter Blegvad also appears in the 1982 film Normalsatz by Herr Emigholz.

Peter Blegvad did the voice-over in the short animation film The Man with the Beautiful Eyes (2000) by Jonathan Hodgson. The film is based on a poem by Charles Bukowski.

Peter Blegvad wrote the lyrics for the television opera SOS: Songs of Seduction (1999), composed by Jenni Roditi. The opera was co-commissioned by BBC2 and the Arts Council of England as part of their series ‘Sound on Film’ 1998/9 and was first broadcast on 2 August 1999.

An intrepid solo yachtswoman has capsized at sea. Under water in the air bubble of her upturned yacht she faces death. In her thoughts and dreams, in her fantasies and fears we live through the nightmare with her.

In a 1996 interview with Calyx, Peter Blegvad said, "Well, I think [Hangman's Hill] is going to try and be a worthy successor to Just Woke Up and follow along pretty similarly. We think we have a good formula with Just Woke Up, and we want to see if we can build on that. So we'll employ the same session men, B.J. Cole, Geraint Watkins and a few of the others too. So, basically, it's American sort-of ‘roots’ music, coming from me but then fed through and interpreted by (laughs) masterful European virtuosos of their instruments, so it changes it and comes out sounding pretty original somehow. Gives it a spin."

Although the live bonus track on Downtime is listed as “The Wife of Usher's Well” (which Peter Blegvad calls “The Ballad of Usher's Well” during at least one live performance), I believe the song on Downtime is a different song completely. The song he plays live as “The Ballad of Usher's Well” is a much different song than the song on Downtime. Anybody have the real answer?

Andy Partridge and Peter Blegvad recorded four poems of Peter's set to Andy's music in his shed sometime shortly after King Strut (the album) was done. Some of the poems came from Headcheese. These poems were eventually released on Orpheus — The Lowdown.

Peter Blegvad is credited as ‘vocal coach’ on the first and eponymously titled Golden Palominos album, and contributed album art to the UK release of the LP (LP 1984 UK Rough Trade OAO 001).

The Rough Guide To Rock had this review of Camera, an opera of sorts, composed and performed by the reformed Slapp Happy in 1991:

. . . an opera project for Channel Four TV, along with old Slapp Happy associates Krause and Moore . . . was televised as part of a series of contemporary ‘opera for TV’ in 1994. Themed on innocence and corruption, it had its moments, but seemed to strive too hard for them, and [had] a rather conscious operatic mode.

It is possible a 7" single of Slapp Happy's “Charlie & Charlie” was to be released by Virgin UK in 1974. If so, it was shelved.

Peter Blegvad has contributed artwork to many albums and singles, including:

Linda Thompson: Versatile Heart (CD 2007.08.14 EU Decca 4759365)
Dion McGregor: Dreams Again (CD 1999.02 US Tzadik TZ 7404)
John Greaves: Little Bottle of Laundry (CD 1997 UK Blueprint BP232CD)
ЯēR unFILEd Vol 2 (1997 ЯēR Vol 2 (F) unFILEd 2)
René Lussier / Jean Derôme / Chris Cutler: Three Suite Piece (CD 1996.09 UK ЯēR LDC1)
Chris Cutler and Zeena Parkins: SHARK! (CD 1996 ЯēR CZ1)
Chris Cutler, Marie Goyette, Zygmunt Krauze, Otomo Yoshihide and Lutz Glandien: P53 (CD 1995 ЯēR p53)
Pere Ubu: Story Of My Life (CD 1993 US Imago 72787-21024-2)
Chris Stamey and Friends: Christmas Time (CD 1993 US ESD ESD 80812)
Chris Cutler and Lutz Glandien: Domestic Stories (LP 1992 ЯēR LSMCD)
Jon Rose: Brain Weather — The Story of the Rosenbergs (1992 ЯēR BJR2)
Ré Records Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 4 (LP 1989 UK Re Re 0104)
Chris Stamey Group: Christmas Time (LP 1985 US Coyote TT 8564)
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin: Leipzig (7" 1983 UK 1983 Broken Broken 6)
John Greaves: Accident (LP 1982 US Europa JP2010)

Peter Blegvad worked as an illustrator for many years, contributing artwork to many publications including The Atlantic Monthly, The New Yorker, The Independent, and many others.

Ron Kane says, “I don't think Peter is on Faust IV, but he is definitely on The Faust Tapes (their 3rd album, also from 1973). You can hear him on the next-to-last track or second-to-last track on Side 2 (the songs aren't really separated anyway).” (If so, his appearance is uncredited.)

The Henry Cow Book states that Peter Blegvad became a full member of Faust from early '73 to October that year (see page 39), doing recordings as well as touring. Thus it is possible that Peter may appear on one or more recordings from the time.

Kristoffer Blegvad appears on Greaves, Cunningham, a 1991 album by John Greaves and David Cunningham. Kristoffer Blegvad also contributes backing vocals on Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin's cover of Billy Bragg's “Levi Stubbs' Tears”, from their album The Big Idea.

Iain Matthews & Egbert Derix cover “Gold” on their live album Afterwords (CD 2010 NL Matrix MX 002). Jex Thoth covers “Mr. Rainbow” on their album Witness (C5 2010 SE I Hate IHRCD 076). The Pegasuss meets Love and Hates cover “The Drum” on their cassette The Drum (CT 2009 JP Pit Pony). Won James Won cover “Dawn” on their album Теоретический Акть/Theorist Attack (CD 2006 RU R.A.I.G. R010). Loudon Wainwright III covers “Daughter” on the compilation album Golden Slumbers — A Father's Love (CD 2005.04.26 US Rendezvous REN5107); he covers the song afresh on the album Strange Weirdos: Music from and Inspired by the Film Knocked Up (CD 2007.05.22 US Concord ?) (the song also appears in the film). Reverbaphon cover the “Only Song” on their album The Medium thru which Sound travels is no longer present (CD 2003.04? UK Benbecula BEN 020CD). Carmen Borgia covers “Stranger To Myself” on his album North (CD 2003 US Arctos CB5858). Ray Carmen covers “Michaelangelo” on his album Correct Me if I'm Wrong (CR 2002 US Cut and Paste CAP-13). Barbara Manning & The Go-Lucky's cover “Driver's Seat” [radio session] on their album Transatlantic Trips (CD 2002 DE Return to Sender RTS 40). Herrmann & Kleine cover “Blue Flower” by Peter Blegvad and Anthony Moore (from Slapp Happy's album Sort Of) on their album Our Noise (CD 2002.03 DE Morr morr 026 / Indigo 4 051698 110227). Ian Harvey-Pittaway covers “Gold” on his album Godgifu — The Legend of Godiva (CD 2001 UK Drop D DROP001). Mathilde Santing covers “Meantime” under the title “In the Meantime” on her CD New Amsterdam (CD 2001 NL Epic SML 5042152), the song is also on her single In the Meantime (C5 2001 NL Epic EPC 6718141). National Health perform “Rose Sob” by John Greaves and Peter Blegvad on their live album Playtime (CD 2001 UK Cuneiform Rune 145). Jun Togawa covers “Casablanca Moon” on her album 20th (CD 2000 JP God Ocean COGO-0102). Plainsong perform “Penny Black” by Peter Blegvad on their album New Place Now (CD 1999 UK Spin Along SPACD001). The Schramms cover “In Hell's Despite” on their album Dizzy Spell (CD 1996 DE Blue Rose BLU CD0038). The Mystery Band covers “Strayed” on their album Insert Title Here (CD 1996 US Birdcage MB 11017). S/T cover “War” (under the title “Krieg”) on their album Shitty Titbits (CT 1995 DE Save Our Sperms S.O.S. 04). The Fall perform “War!” live on their album The Twenty Seven Points (CD 1995 UK Permanent PERM CD 36). Mathilde Santing covers “Gold” on a promotional live CD called In Concert (CD 1994 NL Radio Netherlands International MS001), and on her studio CD Under a blue roof (CD 1994 NL Columbia COL 4777012). Eddi Reader covers “Shirt and Comb” by Peter Blegvad on her single Patience of Angels (C5 1994 UK Blanco Y Negro NEG68CD). The Fall cover “War” by Peter Blegvad and Anthony Moore (from Henry Cow's In Praise of Learning) on their album Middle Class Revolt (CD 1994 US Matador). Deborah Conway performs “Gold” live on her single Alive and Brilliant (C5 1993 AU Mushroom D11569). Floral Majority perform a live cover of the Pale Saints' version of “Blue Flower” on the 4AD tribute album Thurtene (CD 1993 US Dewdrops DEW 001). Astrid Seriese covers “Meantime” on her live CD Eclipse (CD 1993 NL Brigadoon BIS 005), on her CD Condemned (CD 1995 NL Brigadoon BIS 019) and on her album The Wheel of Life (CD 2007 NL Brigadoon BIS 095). The Pale Saints cover “Blue Flower” on their EP Throwing Back The Apple (C5 1992 UK 4AD BAD 2008 CD); the song also appears on their album In Ribbons (CD 1992 US Warner 26913?). Ruth's Refrigerator covers “Charlie & Charlie” on their album A Lizard is a Submarine on Grass (CD 1991 BE Madagascar MADA 020). The Impossibles cover “The Drum” on their single The Drum (C5 1991 UK Fontana DRUCD2). Fairport Convention performed Peter Blegvad's song “Gold” on their album The Five Seasons (CD 1991 UK Woodworm WRCD019). Robert Lloyd covers “Strayed” on his single Funeral Stomp (C5 1990 UK Virgin VSCDT 1196). Mazzy Star cover “Blue Flower” on their album She Hangs Brightly (CD 1990 US Capitol CDP 7 96508 2). Bongwater cover the song “The Drum” on their album Too Much Sleep (CD 1990 US Shimmy Disc SHIMMY 5o). Jürg Nutz covers “Casablanca Moon” on his album Blueboy (LP 1989 CH Because of You BOY 004). Tokiko Kato sings “Casablanca Moon” in Japanese on her album Ethnic Dance (CD 1986 JP Polydor H33P20057). Leo Sayer covered the song “How Beautiful You Are” (by Blegvad and Greaves) on his album Have You Ever Been In Love (LP 1983 UK Chrysalis LEO TV1).

Anthony Moore co-writes a few songs on the Pink Floyd albums Learning to Fly and The Division Bell.

Dagmar Krause has an ongoing career as chanteuse.

There are so many different musicians on some of these releases that I have not always attempted to provide track-by-track attributions.

Recent changes to this document are indicated by green type.

Abbreviations and Definitions

num.    numbered        ltd.    limited         ed.     edition
p/s     picture sleeve  std.    standard        s/s     stock sleeve
s/l     slimline        j/b     jewel box       promo   promotional
c/n     catalog number  g/f     gatefold        p/d     picture disc
b/i     back insert     p/b     paperboard      w/s     widescreen

Album:  full album release, in one or more of the formats below:
  LP    12" vinyl long-player (33 1/3 RPM)
  CD    Compact (digital) disc (std. j/b unless otherwise indicated)
  CT    (Mini-) Cassette tape
  8T    8-track tape (obsolete)
  RT    Reel-to-reel tape
  DC    Digital Compact Cassette tape
  MD    MiniDisc (digital magneto-optical)
  CR    CD-R (CD Recordable or Read-Write)
  SA    Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD)
  DA    DVD Audio
  DR    DVD-R (DVD Recordable or Read-Write)
  DD    Digital Download (see Other Formats below)

Single: single or EP release, in one or more of the formats below:
  7"    45 RPM vinyl
  10"   45 RPM vinyl
  12"   45 RPM vinyl
  C3    CD-3, 3" (8 cm) CD single
  C5    5" (12 cm) CD single (s/l j/b unless otherwise indicated)
  CS    (Mini-) Cassette single (p/b p/s unless otherwise indicated)
  EP    Extended play single or mini-album (vinyl, usually 33 1/3 RPM)
  F7    7" flexi-disc, flexible vinyl single (usually one-sided)

Video:  video release, in one or more of the formats below:
  VHS   VHS-format video tape
  Beta  Beta-format video tape
  BRD   Blu-ray Disc
  UMD   Universal Media Disc (Sony PlayStation Portable)
  HVD   High-Definition Versatile Disc (HD DVD)
  DVD   Digital Versatile (Video) Disc (including DVD-ROM)
  VCD   Video CD, popular in Asia (MPEG1)
  CLV   Video disc in Constant Linear Velocity format (8" or 12")
  CAV   Video disc in Constant Angular Velocity format (8" or 12")
  LDS   Laser Disc single (Japan)
  VHD   Video High Density, obsolete laser disc format (Japan)
  NTSC  Video format for U.S.A. and Japan
  PAL   Video format for the E.C. (except France), Scandinavia, Australia
  SECAM Video format for France

Other Formats:
  ROM   CD-ROM, computer-readable disc
  MP3   Layer 3 MPEG encoded audio
  WMA   Windows Media Audio
  PZD   PocketZip floppy disk storage system
  Pub   A publication: a book, songbook, pamphlet, magazine, etc.

  Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4   Calendar quarters: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.
  Radio Show    A release specially recorded for radio airplay.
  Interview     An interview transcription disc.
  Collection    A collection of tracks by this artist, usually previously
                released on various albums and singles.
  Compilation   A compilation of tracks by various artists.
  Soundtrack    Soundtrack to a film or play released in Album format.
  Box Set       Box set of previously released and/or unreleased material.
  Songbook      Book of words and music.
  Bootleg       Unauthorized release of previously unreleased material
                consisting of concert recordings, studio outtakes, and
                radio or television broadcasts.
  Pirate        Unauthorized release of previously released material
                without attempting to make the album look like an original.
  Counterfeit   Unauthorized copy of an officially released album.

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The Fine Print

Please do not ask me where to find rare recordings, bootlegs, videos, or other releases listed in this discography.  Please do not ask me where you can get scans of artwork for these releases.  This discography is a list of releases that have been made available over time, not a list of my personal collection.  Just because any given release is listed in this discography does not mean that I own that release, nor does it indicate that I am willing to trade, sell, or make tape copies of that or any other release.  If you are looking for such recordings, try attending record shows, reading collector magazines, and hunting in used record shoppes.

While the existence of unauthorized recordings may be documented herein, I cannot advise on the legality of such recordings, nor can I advise where such recordings can be obtained.

All singles and EPs have a picture sleeve (p/s) unless otherwise noted.  Unless otherwise noted, CDs come in a standard jewel-box and CD-singles come in a slim-line jewel-box.  An “obi” is the paper strip (literally, the “sash”) that comes wrapped around most Japanese LPs and CDs.

Song authorship is denoted by names enclosed in braces, e.g., “{Blegvad/Moore}”.  Where possible, the name of the lyricist appears first.

Information flagged with a question mark has not been verified (a guess, a rumour).  If you have further information about these or other related releases or if you can supply missing artwork, please write me.

Many CD track times were found using my compact disc player and the time indicated on your CD player may vary slightly (± 1-3 seconds), due to the way different machines calculate track times.

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This list was compiled and formatted by John Relph.

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