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This document is a discography of:

        Blake Babies and members thereof, Juliana Hatfield, John Strohm and
        Freda Love Boner, and their offshoot bands Velo-Deluxe, Antenna,
        The Mysteries of Life and Some Girls.

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News and Information

Juliana Hatfield has written When I Grow Up: A Memoir, to be published September 22, 2008 by John Wiley & Sons (336 pp., ISBN 978-0470189597).

Juliana Hatfield has released many songs for download from her website, on the honor system, including the following:

This Is What I Think Of You Just Like That (demo) Can't Worry 'Bout That Hallucinations Can't Kill Myself Dune Good Thing Going Sybil She's Out Where I'm Going My Enemy #2 (Beautiful Creature) Anymore Baby It's Alright Better Than Nothing Don't Walk Away - acoustic home demo First Love Never Dies (Some Girls demo) For The Lonely Ones Hole in the Sky - electric band demo I Didn't Know Made It Never Coming Out Now That I Have Found You Perfect Stranger Say My Name Sick of the City The Prettiest Girl (Some Girls demo) The Star-Spangled Banner Wanna Be The One You Want The First Shiver If I Could Invisible Because We Love You (demo) Ordinary Guy Trick Baby Saving Myself Fool Money Stupid Thing Going Nowhere Fireflies Break My Heart Number One Bad Dream I'm Shy The Only One 5th of July

Juliana Hatfield's album In Exile Deo was named Independent Album of the Year at the 2004 Boston Music Awards. Juliana Hatfield also was named the Outstanding Female Vocalist (Indie Label) at the 2000 Boston Music Awards. Juliana Hatfield was nominated for awards in four categories in the 1995 Boston Music Awards, including Act Of The Year, Modern Rock Band, Female Vocalist, and Video (“Universal Heart-Beat”).

Freda Love made her first movie appearance as a featured extra (court stenographer) in her father Don Boner's low-budget avant-garde feature movie Losers Lounge, a murder mystery set in 1948 that follows the perplexing and often seedy life of a private dick who is accused of murdering a troubled young lady with a dark history.

Juliana Hatfield, Freda Love and Heidi Gluck performed and recorded as Some Girls. Their album Feel It was released in September 2003 by Koch Records. (There is a hardcore/punk band by the name of Some Girls signed to Deathwish Inc., but they are definitely a different band.)

Nic Dalton verifies that Juliana Hatfield did not sing on the I Want to Have an Affair / Honey single by Starsign, despite claims to the contrary.

Juliana Hatfield is one of the featured artists in a book entitled This is the Sound - The Best of Alternative Rock (1996).

Juliana Hatfield was chosen as one of the judges for the 1996 Musician Magazine Best Unsigned Band Competition.

Juliana Hatfield appears in the promotional video for The Lemonheads' “Half the Time”.

Juliana Hatfield appears in one episode of The Adventures of Pete & Pete as a cafeteria worker at older Pete's school in “Don't Tread on Pete” (1993).

Promotional videos have been filmed for the following songs:

Blake Babies: Out There
Blake Babies: Temptation Eyes
The Juliana Hatfield Three: Everybody Loves Me
The Juliana Hatfield Three: My Sister
The Juliana Hatfield Three: I See You
The Juliana Hatfield Three: For The Birds
The Juliana Hatfield Three: Spin the Bottle
Juliana Hatfield: Universal Heart-Beat
Juliana Hatfield: What a Life
Juliana Hatfield: Don't Rush Me

Melissa Ferrick performs a song called “The Juliana Hatfield Song (Girls With Guitars)”, a celebration of being on the same label as Juliana, ‘and Liz Phair too and Tori Amos too,’ on her Happy Song EP (CD-3 1993 UK Atlantic 7567-85680-2).

Julianna [sic] Hatfield is mentioned in a fake SAT question on the cover of Franklin Bruno's The Irony Engine EP:

SAT, Verbal Section: Franklin Bruno : Evan Dando :: Jenny Toomey : ____________ A. Julianna (sic) Hatfield, B. Kristin Hersh, C. Camille Paglia, D. ???????. Top 5 answers get an Xmas present.

The members of Blake Babies appear on numerous songs with The Lemonheads, Aimee Mann, and other musicians. I have not attempted to catalog every compilation and collection which include songs by these other artists which feature members of Blake Babies. You're on your own.

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b/i     back insert     p/b     paperboard      w/s     widescreen

Album:  full album release, in one or more of the formats below:
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  8T    8-track tape (obsolete)
  RT    Reel-to-reel tape
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