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Jangly was a mailing list devoted to the works of Martin Newell, poet, gardener, brewer, and songwriter sometimes known as “The Jangling Man”. All that is left of Jangly is this page.

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The Last Works of Martin Newell

The Cleaners From Venus
In Chimp World

August 2011
“Written and played by Martin Newell. Engineered and co-produced by Dave Allen in spring and summer of 2011 in the fair county of Essex.”
Martin Newell
The Stars on a Tray
Martin Newell's Saturday Columns

November 2011
“It's the very best of 4 years of my columns and articles for The East Anglian Daily Times. Beautifully illustrated by Ms Hilary Lazell, it'll be an ideal Christmas present or life changing experience for anyone who can read or look at pictures.”
Cleaners From Venus
Vol. 1

April 2012
“Box set, including [Blow Away Your Troubles, On Any Normal Monday, and Midnight Cleaners], completely remastered and on vinyl for the first time. Previously only released on small-run cassettes, these three albums carved a niche for the cult band that would go on to become an inspiration to many. Martin Newell never played by the rules and went on to become a success in his own right.”

More Martin Newell

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With your host, Paul Wilkinson.
East Anglian Daily Times
Martin Newell is a regular columnist on the subject of Essex.
Featuring the works of Martin Newell, The Cleaners From Venus, and The Brotherhood of Lizards.
Press Clippings
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Chords and Tablature
Chord charts and guitar tablature.


James Dodds
The illustrator of a few of Martin Newell's books.
Richie Unterberger
The author of Unknown Legends of Rock 'n' Roll, a chapter of which is devoted to our man Martin Newell.
John Cooper Clarke
He wrote a poem about Martin Newell.
Louis Philippe
The producer of Martin Newell's The Off White Album, you may enjoy his music.

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